Get minimum 1 USD max 1 BTC free, no investment or documents needed

$0.01 tipped

Those Chinese exchanges know people want freebies and they give them.

No investment or ID documents or anything else needed. Just do the step by step to earn 1 BTC.

Right now they run fun promo where for login every day you get points and in 30 days there is a draw where you have guaranteed a win.


Guide to win min 5 USDT max 1 BTC

  • Create account on BiBox - CLICK HERE

  • Click email, check spam folder or use different email if you wont get message
  • Login to exchange
  • At end of url add /signLottery
  • Click there claim everyday for 30 days
  • Roll the board below.



Yes you have 50% chance to win and investment is... 15 cents (!)
Imho hard to not win at least few times when investment is 15 cents and you have 50% chance.

Also if you buy BIX token on their site every day you can bet if BTC will go up or down and win part of 100 BIX+ pot. Today its 730 pot. Max 1 bet and max 1 BIX to do so.


Want to join these promotions or get part in future ones? REGISTER TO BIBOX TODAY.


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