Bityard has officially launched

Bityard has officially launched - you will have a good exchange to receive a new Bitard token

By AlexMMO | Cryptocurrency market | 26 May 2020

Bityard has officially launched - you will have a good exchange to receive a new Bitard token

What is bityard?

Link to register for an account:
Bityard is the world's leading digital currency trading platform, headquartered in Singapore, providing clients in more than 150 countries with safe, simple and fast digital asset trading services. quickly.
Bityard maintains the business philosophy of "detailed contracts, easy transactions", with the aim of providing customers with the experience of digital currencies extremely simple.

  • Bityard was founded in November 2019 and is based in Singapore. This is the world's leading digital currency trading platform, regulated by the US monetary service businesses, Singapore Accounting and Business Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Estonia's MTR for Inter European Union. In Southeast Asia, Bityard will try to keep up with the local digital asset market needs, especially regarding government-led blockchain trends. Not only does Bityard attract attention with safe, simple and fast digital contract services, we also have a Thai boxing champion as brand ambassador. by Bityard. He will continue to create a wave of attention in his homeland and beyond.
  • The more turbulent the years, the more volatile the cryptocurrency market is. While everyone is still discussing the third half of the market, the black swan event, which was coughed out by the fear of coronavirus, has cruelly reduced the prices of all currencies. electronic half, then a quick rebound from the lowest point of more than 60%. Buying contracts will undoubtedly become the most competitive main battleground this year on exchanges. As a new entrant, Bityard's founder knows that in order to gain a foothold in the highly competitive contract market, innovation is needed.

Potential community: Those who are eager to simplify transactions

  • After much research, it has been found that in the increasingly mature digital currency market, a group of high potential consumers has been strengthened. They all agree on the concept of contract trading and want to use leverage to maximize benefits, but for this group of consumers, contract trading is very complicated. To avoid liquidation, they are reluctant to enter into any such transactions. Before the large number of potential users in the cryptocurrency community yearning for simple contract transactions and other derivative tools, Bityard was born.

Product concept: Complex contract Simple transaction

Bityard always adheres to the product concept of complex contracts, simple transactions, and aims to give customers the ultimate simple operation experience. Reporters learned through product management interviews that the team has done a lot of work to get users up and running fast.

  • Opening an account is very simple,Check out and sign up for an account for your experience and benefits. you only need to register by email or mobile phone number and you can become a Bityard user within 30 seconds.
    Simplified top-up: bityard now supports the use of 6 mainstream digital currencies as a method of depositing funds into a user's account. In addition, the Yuan as well as the Vietnamese Dong are supported and plan to add FIAT on the future slope. There is also a system that allows money transfers between superiors and subordinates to be facilitated by agents.
  • Simple transactions: simplify complex interface functions. Users can trade only from 5 USDT, and get 5 USDT free from it by signing up for an account at bityard today! Check out and sign up for an account for your experience and benefits.
    Benefits it gives you
    What is the Bityard trading floor fee?
    Transaction fee each time you open a position is: 0.15%

What is the overnight trading fee?
When a position remains open after a certain time limit (ie "overnight time", 05:55:00 Singapore time), the floor will charge overnight.

If you want to keep your order for a long time, please ensure that there is sufficient balance in your account to pay the overnight fee.

Overnight fee = Deposit amount * (Number of leverage-1) * 0.045% * Number of overnight

For example:

You bet $ 50, for example, leverage x100 and overnight for a day.

So the overnight fee is: 50 x (100-1) x 0.045% x 1 = 2.2 $

  • Guide to receive $ 4 for free fill in your information correctly to get a reward from Bityyard
    Account registration: Receive $ 1
    Email link: get $ 1
    Demo trading: receive $ 2

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Cryptocurrency market
Cryptocurrency market

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