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KOGs - Keys to Other Games (Giveaway Special)

Just reading KOGS may remind some of you of a time when POGS were a thing and were tied to actual coin shaped collectibles in which you could play games with others. Now you can play similarly with KOGs which are NFT versions of the game that include collecting, staking, and currently they are beta testing some games for them. They have released the second edition sets at the end of 2020 and there is still about two months to purchase the 2nd edition booster packs directly from the project for the best price. When I first began, I thought it was simpler to gather a “collection” but after gathering all of the rare KOGS I realized that there were a lot more specifics in order to create a tube and stake the collection. 

"Labelling objects as art is usually meant to signal that they transcended or now transcend in some profound way their practical function, often embodying cherished cultural ideas or asserting foundational values" 

~ Daniel Di Lodovici

To begin you merely go to the website and find the 2nd edition booster packs (or whichever you would like to purchase) but the 2nd edition boosters are the only thing currently being sold directly from the project from my findings. If you would like to purchase any other types of packs, you will have to find it on the secondary market like the Atomichub Market. To create the collections or tubes of specific collections you have multiple options to choose from and depending on the type of tube that is created it will receive a different amount of payment while being staked. The best way to understand the tubes is straight from the website where they include a few specific examples of different sets and they also display a data table that shows how many and what the specifics are for each set and tube.  

While it’s obviously not required for people to create and stake tubes with their KOGs they are rewarded quite well in the RFOX token (RFOX labs is the team that brought KOGs to life) and it is a great source for potential passive income. A few big reasons I say this is because you are required to stake for a period of 90 days and you receive a predetermined amount of the RFOX token at the end of the period, then after unstaking you are able to remove your KOGs to sell or to create a different tube. People may also not be interested in staking their tubes depending on how the games turn out and if they have some sort of payment method involved as well or if they will strictly be for entertainment. 

At this point in time, they are getting pretty close to launching the KOGs game as they are in beta testing and from what I saw it was looking pretty good. I was not involved in the testing; however I assume the type of slammer and the type of KOGs within a stack would be what makes the difference while playing the game. This would, from my understanding, give advantages to ultra-rare slammers vs rare slammers and other varieties as well as stacks of rare KOGs vs possibly a mixed stack of rare and uncommon. I am excited for the game to launch and I am also excited to see what else RFOX Labs will come up with for these incredible and nostalgic NFTS. 

If anyone has had experience before with POGS in the past and/or KOGs now it would be great to get some feedback on what people think of the new NFT variant bringing the game back to life. I personally enjoyed playing POGS when I was younger, it was a game that you could throw things and make a mess without getting in trouble from the parents, plus they had to be stacked up again eventually anyway. Without having ever played with POGS when I was younger, I don’t know if I would have ever been so interested in a project like this with such a simple game but it is amazing how they have reimagined something that was once only played with tangible items.


While I am at it I would like to run a little giveaway here, it will be a completely random amount over 10 KOGs and all you have to do is follow me here and here (no proof required), post your WAX address in the comments and a thumbs up would be awesome while your at it! 

oh and the giveaway will include random common KOGs, one common slammer, possibly an uncommon or two.  

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy! Thank you for taking the time to read my article and good luck!


~Trever Russell


I am not a professional financial advisor, all information within this article is personal opinion based on my experiences, nothing in this article is meant to serve as financial advice and shall not be construed as financial advice in any form. The sharing of my personal experiences is for entertainment purposes and I nor cryptowriter can be held liable for any information which has been misconstrued and wrongfully utilized as financial advice.

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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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