KingdomBUSD: A BUSD Tower Defense Strategy Game

Fair Play All Day! 

Have you ever wanted to play a Blockchain game that is 100% fair to all players? One that doesn't give benefits to just those early to the game? One that actually takes into account your own personal strategy in order for you to make more based on the strategy you take? 

The wait is over with Kingdom BUSD!! What's more is there's no native token to crash and there's no way for large wallets to tank the BUSD rewards pool! 

The Basics: 

The game is based on pure strategy with two native in game currencies. The first and most important are Crystals, which are used to purchase and upgrade any of the 5 different towers as well as for upgrading your castle! Each tower is built to protect the castle by killing enemy hordes and each kill rewards you with Gold Coins that are stored in the castle. These earned Gold Coins, once withdrawn from the castle, can be exchanged for BUSD. 

The Defense Towers:

There are 5 towers that can be purchased with Crystals, Each tower has a base strength value so the stronger the tower the higher the initial cost. Fortunately, stronger towers will battle more powerful hordes and will earn more Gold Coins per battle improving the ROI (return on investment) per battle. 

Understanding Upgrades:

Each tower has the ability to be further upgraded with Crystals to improve the towers strength which in turn allows stronger hordes to be defeated, and ultimately increases the amount of Gold Coins that are dropped per battle further improving that towers ROI. Additionally, the castle also has the ability to be upgraded to increase the Gold Coins it holds before filling up. 

Castle Basics: 

The castle is the storage location for the earned Gold Coins, when beginning the game your castle starts out with the ability to store 24 hours worth of Gold Coins. Without upgrading the castle you must come back every 24 hours maximum in order to claim your Gold Coins; However, upgrading the castle will increase the total amount of time for which it will be able to store your Gold Coins. For example, one upgrade to the castle will increase its capacity to store Gold Coins for an extra 6 hours increasing the total capacity time to 30 hours. What this ultimately comes down to is how often you would like to be able to claim your Gold Coins. 

Crystals and Gold Coins:

As you may already understand, Crystals are purchased with BUSD, then Crystals are the in game currency that is used to purchase towers and perform all upgrades to improve the towers returns or increase the amount the Castle will hold. Each Crystal is purchased at the price of 0.02 BUSD and each Gold Coin earned can be exchanged at a rate of 0.0002 BUSD each with absolutely no variability to the value of either Crystals or Gold Coins. 


One of the great things about this game is that it allows you to create alliances with the people you invite, if you join using my invitation below you will join my alliance which is a unique way to compete with others within the game and get started on building your own alliance!! 


If you would like to join my alliance the unique link is below, let's protect our KINGDOMS together!

As always if you have any questions please reach out to me in the comments section or through my social media pages!

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Thank you for taking the time to read about my new favorite game! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been, I look forward to seeing my Alliance grow with you great people! Stay safe and have a wonderful day! 


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Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit
Cryptocurrency Love and a Mutual Benefit

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