Update 20: Cats cryptocurrency prediction experiment!

After a week in which BTC dropped from $10700 to $9500 and altcoins got git even harder.  I will give an other update of the prediction of Dikke Streep my cat.

The expiment was as followed. I put 5 physical coins of cryptocurrency in front of the cat. He chose Ethereum with his paw.

Updated results so far this year:

1. Bitcoin +158% last week +174% (1)

2. Litecoin +106%  last week +145% (2) 

3.Ethereum +16% last week +27% (3)

4.Dogecoin -1% last week +10% (4)

5. Ripple -28% last week -25% (5) 

This week the return on investment of Dikke Streeps prediction went up down with 11% and this week and all coins took all loss.

There were no rank movements in the this week. 

Ripple was the best performer with a loss of 3%.

Litecoin was the worst performer with a loss of 39% followed by BTC with a loss of 16%. ETH and Doge took al small losses of 11% each.

It looks like Dikke Streep can be wright in the long run if the performance of ETH can improve. BTC and LTC are currently to strong for ETH.

ETH is very weak at the moment but is going down like all the other coins.  

Lets see next week if his prediction will be able to improve again and of there will be movements in the ranking.

Until next week. Miau Miau


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Crypto is my hobby

Cryptocurrency is my new hobby
Cryptocurrency is my new hobby

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