New and updated results arbitrage trading

New and updated results arbitrage trading

This is the second week i am trading on L7 trade and this are my results:

Or the mirrorsite which went live this week

L7 trade has multiple coins you can use for arbitrage trading. These are BTC, BCH, BSV, BTG, ETH, DASH, LTC, XLM, XRP and ZEC.

From last week i was still trading LTC and ETH. On monday i started with the minimum amount of BTC again. 

The wednesday i also sent the minimum for DASH, XLM, ZEC. On thursday i send XRP, BSV and BCH again after i cashed in the first week. Withdrawing is very fast most coins were in my wallet in 5 minutes.

After 16 days my profit on LTC is 70%

After 13 days my profit on ETH is 32%

After 6 days my profit on BTC is 13%

After 4 days my profit is on:

DASH 11%

XLM 11%

ZEC 6%

After 3 days my profit is on:

XRP 6%

BSV 5%

BCH 8%

If you got currious about and want to try it use my link

Or use the mirrorsite:

Good luck earning!


Crypto is my hobby

Cryptocurrency is my new hobby
Cryptocurrency is my new hobby

Since the beginning of 2017 I got in to cryptocurrency because a colleague of mine had his own crypto energy coin. I started to follow it via marketcoincap and was in ever since. I buy and earn free crypto when i am not working.

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