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By dg501 | Cryptocurrency great | 9 Jun 2021


With this web site you can get satoshi in several ways. In a fun way.


It is a new site for me I did some research on the web ... I was surprised by the high number of positive reviews.


So it's a paying site!


The graphic layout is really beautiful. There are many menus and submenus so at first I was a little confused. However, a little time is needed to practice and enjoy an easy consultation of the site.


There is a horizontal menu at the top. Clicking on Earn BTC opens a drop-down menu with the various earning options.


Faucet - is the first. I suggest always trying to make money with the faucet. Also because you can only withdraw after running 20 faucets


You can earn money by using Brave browser and connecting it to the site. On this site it is written that you can get great earnings through brave browsers by connecting this site to the browser. So it has to be evaluated.


You can make money with short links and ads in PTC. The are usually 8/10 new every day.


You can make money with survey and contest offers. And finally there is the lottery available. This is a website full of opportunities.


If you want to earn satoshi while having fun .... register now!

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Cryptocurrency  great
Cryptocurrency great

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