free airdrop free 10 dollars for everyone

free airdrop free 10 dollars for everyone

By neruda41 | cryptocurrency games | 4 Mar 2021


               I haven't written for a long time, today I'm going to talk about an airdrop where you can earn  crypto. I researched and recommend you to join a reliable airdrop.

              Now let's get to what we should do in order. We enter the site from the link I gave first.


             Site translate page with chinese google translator. Below the page will ask you your eth address, I used metamask, you can use any wallet address. a screen like this will greet you later.


      After that all we have to do is press the extract button and after 7, when the airdrop ends, we get our unif tokens.You will also receive reward tokens for each reference you bring.

good luck





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cryptocurrency games

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