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Easy crypto win part 3

By neruda41 | cryptocurrency games | 25 Jan 2021


                    Today I will introduce 2 beautiful games to you and thanks to these two games, we will draw our earnings to our wax account.For this we first open a wax account.

                    to open a wax account 


                    After entering this site, we will see a screen like this   




        First game alien worlds here our goal is to collect Trilium. In this you have to mine on one of the 6 planets. tlm and nft are falling from this mining good for now.I think it is pleasant and profitable. Now all we have to do is click on the game we see in the wax and start mining, good luck.You enter this site to convert the TLM we earn from the game to wax.





             Our second game is prospectors, I recommend you to try an easy and lucrative game.




                  Our aim is to collect gold and it is very easy to convert it into PGL. We have 3 miners to do this and we send them on a mission and earn gold in return. When 1000 gold is 1 PGL and this is 1000 gold, we convert PGL and if we want we can put PGL in the bank and get 10% monthly interest. the game is that simple and profitable.

                 Now let's turn PGL into wax, that's why we enter this site.


I hope it helped



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cryptocurrency games

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