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chrome add-on wallets

By neruda41 | cryptocurrency games | 28 Jan 2021



                                 today i will introduce you 2 chrome add-on wallets. I have been using 2 wallets for a long time and I am very satisfied. The first of these is the tron ​​wallet and the other is the Hivechine.

                                 You can go to tronwalleti chrome store and download. very easy to download and install. After downloading, we will see such a screen as an extension of our browser.


I think it is very successful and useful.


              In our second wallet, again chrome add-on wallet hivechine. This wallet is a hive wallet as its name implies. Safe and very comfortable to use. You can download it from chrome store in this wallet.3e1b1e14f3bc22f76197629c879996ec6fafff9160c7209486d1cb539e814f53.png


this day I hope I have been useful

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cryptocurrency games
cryptocurrency games

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