Gain Task/Survey Website Review

Gain is a task/survey site that rewards you for completing surveys, downloading apps and playing games, essentially completing offers from what are known as "offerwalls".


There are a few things that set Gain apart from similar sites like Cointiply, Fire Faucet etc. Firstly they offer an extremely low cashout minimum. From 250 coins (25c USD) you are allowed to cashout into LTC or BCH to your personal wallet. Other payment options are BTC and ETH although you will need to earn a few more coins 2500 for ETH and 5000 for BTC in order to cashout into these Cryptocurrencies. US citizens also have the option of cashing out into giftcards. 


Gain also usually make payments within minutes unlike other platforms which can take days or in the case of earnbitcoin, never! (Don't waste your time with this site as it's a scam which I learnt the hard way) Eventually you will become verified with Gain and your payments are done instantly and automatically upon your making a withdrawal. 


Customer service are friendly and quick to deal with any problems and can be contacted in a live chat within the platform which also includes a community chat room. 


Joining up to Gain through my link will score you 100 coins to get started with. From level 10 you can collect 10 coins a day for free, level 20, 20 coins, etc up to level 50 allowing you 50 coins a day until you reach level 75 which will allow you 75 coins a day and then level 100, 100 coins a day. This can be achieved quite quickly once you work out which surveys are the best to do and where to spend your time and effort earning and which ones are a waste of your time. In other words there is a learning curve to doing surveys. Once you have done a few you will get increasingly faster and knowledgeable of where to spend your time to maximise earning. 


Check it out for yourself HERE





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