CryptoTab Browser Review

CryptoTab Browser has a number of great selling points. So far as internet browsers go it's nothing special. Don't get me wrong, it isn't terrible but there are better browsers for browsing. If you are a casual net user and are unable to notice the differences between browsers then it will suit you just fine and one thing I love about CryptoTab is its branding. The colours and themes it offers appeal to me. 


CryptoTab's strengths lie in its ability to make you the ever increasingly valuable digital gold that is Bitcoin. Let's start with the fact that with only one account you can "mine" Bitcoin on as many devices as you want. So this is where some creative thinking will proove useful. Old laptops or desktops gathering dust? Plug them in and passively "mine" Bitcoin 24 hours a day. Maybe a sibling or parent has a computer that doesn't get utilised anywhere near enough and you can set it to work for you. Perhaps your work PC can run CryptoTab in the background while you are doing the 9-5. Get the man working for you for a change? The one account and multiple devices factor is huge. Just remember to logout of your account when necessary to ensure your account's security. 


Next selling point for This wonderful app is its free withdrawals and low withdrawal limit. 1000 sats or 0.00001000 BTC is the minimum amount needed to withdraw your Bitcoin to the address of your choice. And zero fees mean if you send 1000 sats, you will receive 1000 sats at the receiving end of the transaction. This is a totally realistic number for withdrawal and is way lower than almost ANY app or platform that sends Bitcoin for ANY reason. 


The final big selling point for CryptoTab is its affiliate program. Posting your referral link about the place and convincing friends or family to signup will earn you a healthy commission that runs 4 levels deep. This means that referrals of referrals of referrals referrals will still be earning you a certain percentage of whatever they "mine". CryptoTab do everything they can to help you get referrals too by offering an abundance of promotional material and periodic special deals like free X2 "mining" boosts for signing up.


All in all this product will give you what you put into it and works best when It is strengths are utilised. I am perfectly happy passively accumulating Bitcoin at no cost. 


Check it out HERE


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