How to Receive Daily Dividend Payments at BetFury Crypto Casino

How to Receive Daily Dividend Payments at BetFury Crypto Casino

BetFury is a Crypto Casino which has a number of distinctive features that set it apart from its competition. I will be focusing in this piece on the BFG token and providing an explanation of the steps to take to receive a daily dividend payment directly into your wallet at BetFury


Everyday BetFury releases 3% of its total profit in every currency and divides it among BFG token holders. The more BFG you own and hold in your wallet the larger your share of the daily payments made. 




How does one obtain BFG tokens? Simple, every bet you make at BetFury will earn you BFG. This is called "mining". The aim is to wager in the casino without losing your crypto. The more you wager the more BFG you will accumulate. There are many different tactics to do with wagering that you can research or you can come up with your own through "denial and error".  




You can even try this without needing to make a deposit as BetFury offers its patrons access to a Faucet system known as free boxes which allow anyone to claim free BTC and BNB everyday. You can then use this free Cryptocurrency to make bets with and literally watch your BFG tokens begin to accumulate in real time as you place each bet. 




Check it out for yourself now with a simple sign up process HERE and discover all the other benefits there are to playing in this online gaming establishment. 



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