Bitvest: How To Win Real Crypto With No Stake

Bitvest is a Provably Fair Crypto Casino which allows anybody to invest in the payroll and basically become the house essentially betting against the players. 


In this piece I will be focusing on Bitvest's house token "TOK" and giving you a brief "how to" on winning real crypto by making bets with a token you receive for free. 


There are two ways to receive TOK at Bitvest. The first is via the faucet which allows 40 100% collections per day before it becomes limited to 25%. The amount of tokens received depends on a combination of your level and chance. On average I pull 450 TOK per 100% faucet claim as a level 5 player. 



The other method for obtaining TOK is via RainBot in chat. You will need to level up from 0 to 1 by wagering real crypto in order to be eligible to collect rain however this can be done with a fairly small deposit in a short time with some low risk bets. This will also make you eligible to receive any rain that the generous members of Bitvest bestow. 





How you choose to use the TOK to bet is up to your own discretion. Bitvest offers 6 games to choose from. Plinko, Dice, Roulette, Wheel, a very unique version of Keno and my favourite a Slot which pays more often than any other I've played. You will need to collect a minimum of 25k TOK before being able to convert it to your choice of Crypto that is accepted on the platform. These are BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and DOGE. Collect more TOK and convert more Crypto. This image shows what 175k TOK will buy me which is pretty reasonable considering how much TOK is available to me daily. 



Bitvest allows a very realistic opportunity to make real crypto daily without necessarily needing to deposit. I do recommend you make some deposits and level up to maximise your TOK eligibility. 


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