Too many fake airdrops | How to choose the right one

Too many fake airdrops | How to choose the right one

By jwolf | Cryptocurrency Era | 2 Dec 2019

I have been following all the airdrop telegram groups, facebook pages, reddit, airdrop websites and I see a lot of new airdrops daily appearing from nowhere.

You should stop joining every airdrop and start joining only those with potential. Let me give you an example. If 'X' airdrops 100 coins worth $20 but the total supply of their token is 10,000,000,000 you better RUN or waste 10 minutes of your life.


Do a little research before joining everything with your personal data

A lot of new exchanges airdropping tokens appeared in the last weeks. And guess what, all of them asks for KYC.
Before submitting your documents on every new exchange, you should, at least, do some research.

  • Look at the total token supply;
  • Try to see if there is any company behind;
  • Grammar mistakes shouldn't exist on their website;
  • Try to see if the team is real;
  • Take a look at roadmap.

One funny thing I discovered while I had a conversation with an 'admin' on telegram:

  • Hello, will your exchange token have any other use cases?
  • yes sir i will list on Binance very big exchanger

I just left the group.

Multiple projects trying to scam newbies

There are many new websites which organise airdrops, raise a significant amount of members on their social media and then they organise a 'little ICO' with 'huge bonuses.'

Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of ethereum flying into their adress...

Be ethical

Everytime you see something suspicious, share on social media, share with your friends.

Which was the most shitty scam attempt you saw?


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