Bitcoin: 3 valid reasons to enter this world !!

Bitcoin: 3 valid reasons to enter this world !!



Now let's look at 3 compelling reasons why cryptocurrencies should be included in the portfolio, to a minimal degree, of any investor who wants to bet to win with their money


# 1: it's uncensored money

Anyone who wants to can participate (even objects can have a crypto money wallet), and no authorization of any kind is required to split the crypto money network.

And it is as simple as downloading an app to the cell phone, and Bitcoins are already being sent and received, it arrives in minutes, no matter where in the world you are, and paying a negligible transfer cost.

Governments cannot censor its use, nor its shipment. And it was not for lack of attempts. In fact, in Bolivia and Ecuador it is illegal to buy Bitcoins, but this revolution is unstoppable, thanks to the fact that it is decentralized.

# 2: you can save your own money

Bitcoin is a decentralized, person-to-person, or participant-to-participant network (known as P2P by its English initials of Peer-to-Peer).

It is money that is sent directly between the participants, without intermediaries. It is as if my cell phone were to call yours directly, without going through any network or tower that makes the calls.

I know, it is very difficult to understand at first. But when you understand how powerful and revolutionary an idea like digital money is without intermediaries, an endless window of opportunity opens. It must be remembered that Bitcoin is just 11 years old, it is as the Internet was in 1995.

You can be your own bank, without paying commissions for account "maintenance", or high money transfer costs. That is a technological revolution that impacts the lives of billions of people around the world, not homebanking.

 # 3: offer asymmetric risk

What does "asymmetric risk" mean in simple Spanish? That for an investor investing in a financial asset with asymmetric risk, in this case Bitcoin, you can not lose more than 100% of what is invested, but it can go up 1,000% or more.

In 2020 it is unknown what% of chances each scenario has in the next 10 years, but the potential increase is greater than 10%, I would encourage myself to even say that greater than 25%. Only time will tell.
There are 25 million people in the world who are millionaires. If everyone wanted to buy 1 Bitcoin, there would not be enough stock. In the year 2140 the last Bitcoins will be issued, to complete the total of 21 million BTC that will ever be created. There won't be one more. Can your national money say the same?

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