SmartX Faucet Campaign Testing Is Now Live!

Since our first Faucet Campaign in October we’ve been preparing new campaigns that will let even more people get involved with SmartX. Now the official testing of second faucet campaign is coming, with a daily total of 1 million SAT tokens up for grabs for those who participate.

  • Campaign Date:2020.1.15 – 2020.2.28 (This might be shortened or extended according to the number of participants)
  • Website Link:
  • However, an invitation code will also be necessary to participate in the campaign - c80d2n
  • Total Reward:Total 1 Million SAT per day. The reward will be calculated according to the server’s time zone (GMT+8:00) and updated at 24am daily.
  • Daily Reward Calculation:  = No. of gold coins earned by individual participant/ Total No. of gold coins earned by all participants * 1,000,000
  • How to participate:Use the invitation code listed in the official announcement or receive a referral code from a friend.
  • Procedure:
    • Login daily and collect gold coins.
    • Refer more friends to participate and earn an extra 5% as a bonus. 

Campaign Instructions

1. Log in to the campaign site daily and click for rewards.  Mining will start automatically. Please wait patiently as about 2mb of graphics need to be downloaded the first time of your login and may cause some delays.

2. When mining, a gold coin is produced each second. Users will be able to collect the gold coins by clicking on the gold coin produced and then choose to upgrade their account. By upgrading an account, you will gain the ability to accumulate more gold coins while offline and collect them once logged back into the campaign site.

3. The amount of SAT rewarded will be calculated based on the number of gold coins earned. However, if you reach the maximum number of gold coins that can be accumulated whilst offline and do not collect them by the end of the day, you will not be eligible for the SAT reward.

Please note: If you do not click “collect” to receive the gold coins, there will be no gold coin reward, and thus no SAT rewarded.

4. As you upgrade your account to higher levels, the number of times you need to login to the campaign site to collect gold coins will be reduced to as low as 1. You can upgrade your account up to level 60. Above level 60 is not available at this moment.

5. You will need to submit your ERC-20 wallet to log in. However, an invitation code will also be necessary to participate in the campaign.

6. Each account can invite 5 people by default, however the higher the account level is, the more friends you can invite. Each account can only invite people up to two times their account level. E.g. A level 10 account can invite a maximum of 20 new people c80d2n

7. Invite friends to get a commission of 5% on all gold coins received by the invitee. Be aware that there will be no extra gold coins rewarded if your friend does not log in and collect their gold coins as well.

8. The distribution for SAT tokens earned from the faucet will be completed by the end of next month. E.g. Tokens earned in January will be distributed by the end of February. Only accounts which are level 10 or higher and log in at least 5 times in a month are eligible for SAT token rewards. SAT token rewards will not be accumulated until the next month.

9. There will be  video advertisements during the campaign, however we will limit the number of times they appear.

Additionally, we are unable to make frequent batch transfers due to the high transaction fee on the Ethereum network. Hence, we added a small number of advertisements to compensate for transaction fees as we did not receive any form of funding and need to minimise our costs.

10. Penalty mechanism: Malicious users, such as those who attempt to create multiple wallet addresses to gain more SAT, will be blacklisted. We also limit the number of accounts which can login from the same IP. Accounts will be blacklisted automatically if we find there are too many logins from the same IP address. When this happens, all campaign activity, gold coins and SAT earned will be deemed to be invalid. No tokens will be rewarded for such users. We hope all participants will play fair and we will carefully monitor for bad actors. Appealing against such action taken will not be entertained.

11. Tokens will not be rewarded for users who make use of system exploits and bugs. We reserve the right to alter the campaign rules, distribution timeline and reset campaign data. We will continuously collect user feedback and strive to provide a better experience for all users.

12. When logging in it can take up to 3-5 seconds for the coins you have accumulated whilst offline to appear. Furthermore, you can only collect gold coins once you have accumulated 30 or more.

13. During initial testing, some users experienced abnormalities, such as unable to open, unable to log in, unable to collect, unable to synchronize the data, etc. due to the network connection fluctuation. If this happens to you, please refresh the page and log in again.

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Cryptocurrency . Bounty . Airdrop

Cryptocurrency . Bounty . Airdrop

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