Two Ways You Can Earn With MyCointainer's Referral Program

Hi guys! In case you haven't heard already, MyCointainer has recently opened its doors to a new referral program that gives users the opportunity to earn more by inviting friends to the platform. If you're interested, feel free to read more below about how you can optimize your earnings with only referring newcomers to the website.

What is a 'Referral Program'?

A referral program is a method where consumers are rewarded to spread the word about a certain product or services that a brand offers, which in this matter, MyCointainer's staking and masternode services.

How to get started with MyCointainer's Referral Program?

The first thing you have to do is have an account registered on the MyCointainer website. After setting up an account, MyCointainer will provide you a unique referral link that are shareable via online social media, emails, or texts.

Two ways on how you can promote MyCointainer to your Friends

1.) Refer-a-Friend & Refer-Power-to-a-Friend Program:

Upon registering, MyCointainer will provide a unique referral link which you can then use to promote on the chosen medium you wish to use. On 'Refer-a-Friend' program, whenever somebody signs up via you referral link, 20% of the staking rewards will automatically be credited to you. As for 'Refer-Power-to-a-Friend', anyone who registers and availed a power subscription under your link, 10% of the net price will be shared with you.




2.) The New "Invite a Friend" Program:

In this option, inviting someone must be done within MyCointainer's dashboard only. You invite a friend directly via email, and when that friend of yours signs up an account and deposited tokens or cash worth 15, both of you will receive 15 worth of staking token as a bonus!


Final Thoughts

MyCointainer has always been providing several benefits that has allowed its users to take their staking experience to the next level. Earning with MyCointainer is a no-brainer after all! Pay the blessings forward by sharing this unique earning opportunity to your friends today. Visit the website:

About MyCointainer

MyCointainer is the leading staking pool and masternodes provider that has obtained its licenses way back 2018.

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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

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