Ten Reasons Why You Should Use MyCointainer As Your Staking Provider

The world of cryptocurrencies has a broad-range of earning opportunities for everybody. It grants everyone the opportunity to generate income even without leaving the comfort of your home. Staking, for example, is one process that can let you earn passively by locking up coins on a specific wallet or platform. Everyone can do the process itself in no time, but choosing the ideal platform to stake your coins can get slightly…tricky. As users, we must consider the factors when choosing the right medium to stake your crypto assets, as we all go for the best experience for us as possible.

MyCointainer has one goal in mind: earning profit with staking shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why they have developed a user-friendly platform for the users that isn’t just highly secured, but is also reliable and efficient in all times. Below are ten reasons why you should use MyCointainer as your staking & masternodes provider:

1.) Convenient and Efficient
MyCointainer offers both staking and masternode services on their platform. It’s free to sign-up, has both web and mobile application so you can keep track of your earnings whenever available. Hailed as one of the best staking platforms, MyCointainer is welcome to all beginners and experienced investors. It also supports various cryptocurrency functions to serve as a one-stop shop for all user’s staking needs.

2.) High Security Protocols
MyCointainer is carefully designed to ensure the safety of the investments. It requires users to undergo a verification process before granting any exchanges or bank transfers. This is needed in order to guarantee one’s protection from any threats or harm by verifying the user’s identity and ownership. MyCointainer developers utilizes an advanced technology to secure the network thoroughly, with a security arrangement set up of nodes that has been dispersed in three specific locations around the globe. Funds are stored in hardware wallets, while delicate information like keys & passwords are kept separately in different secured storages.

3.) Licensed and Regulated
MyCointainer is a financially certified company that has been authorized to provide fiat-cryptocurrency services. It acquired its regulation from the Financial Intelligence Unit when it first launched back in 2018.

Here are MyCointainer’s Licenses:
License No. FRK000469 - Licenses to provide a virtual currency wallet service
License No. FRK000557 - Licenses to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency

4.) Developed by a Team of Experts
MyCointainer is a team of developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives with a solid background in the advancing crypto-economy. All have shared a particular goal for everyone: to make the world a crypto-friendly space.

5.) Features a Variety of Crypto Assets
MyCointainer has a multi-asset feature, meaning all your favorite coins are now available in one place for your benefit. It supports over 45+ crypto assets on the site, provided with an estimated annual ROI percentage (Return of Investment) & weekly performance insights.

6.) Easy Crypto to Fiat Gateway (And Vice versa)
MyCointainer is not just a staking & masternodes provider, it also has a built-in exchange that brings you the best rates from 10+ exchanges. It also supports various fiat currency deposits like Mexican Peso, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, and USD to name a few. With every exchange in the platform comes with a reward as well.

7.) No Minimum and Maximum amount required
Normally, staking providers will require their users to accumulate a certain amount of threshold in order to operate all the services. However, MyCointainer doesn’t have a limit to whatever amount of coins you may wish to invest. Users can also withdraw their earnings at any time.

8.) Responsive Administrators and Support
MyCointainer prioritizes every user’s experience and they are ready to hear your feedback and concerns 24/7. Answers in the FAQ can be seen in the platform. If you have encountered an issue regarding your MyCointainer experience, you may contact [email protected] via email and the team will look through it right away. For other questions, you may ask the admins in Telegram and MyCointainer Discord Channel and they’ll respond to you immediately.

9.) Users can Participate in Intiatives and Community Causes
Users can earn more by participating in community project initiatives! MyCointainer allows its users to contribute to the further development of the platform. By joining the MyCointainer community, users will be able to suggest coins to be added, report bugs, suggest new functions or features, and even recommend a new collaboration with another cryptocurrency project. What’s more, users can also apply to be a Super Member or an Ambassador to help MyCointainer grow more in the crypto industry. All mentioned initiatives come with great rewards, too.

10.) Rewarding Earning Experience!
MyCointainer charges the lowest fee in the market, with only 0-9% staking fee. The generated reward from the platform comes with compound interest, and users can even maximize their staking rewards more by investing in MyCointainer Power subscription plans - choose from Power Plus plan with only 3.90 EUR/month & Power Max with 8.90 EUR/month. There are monthly exclusive rewards given to the Power subscribers as well.

Join MyCointainer Today!

It is no wonder MyCointainer is acknowledged as number one out of all the best staking platforms in the market today. Earning with MyCointainer is a no-brainer, gratifying and rewarding all at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Visit MyCointainer today for a hassle-free staking experience!

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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

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