MyCointainer x Neutrino Giveaway Campaign: $750 USD up for grabs!

In celebration of the partnership with Neutrino - a stable coin collaterized by Waves - MyCointainer has decided to host another giveaway campaign with over $750 USDN to be shared and won!

Here's how to join:

1.) Register an account on the MyCointainer website:


2.) Follow MyCointainer on Twitter: 


3.) Follow Neutrino Protocol on Twitter 


4.) Retweet MyCointainer's tweet on Twitter: 


5.) Retweet Crypto Adventure's tweet on Twitter:


6.) And lastly, submit your Neutrino Address (From your MyCointainer Account) and all the necessary information here:

You can also refer your friends for more chances of winning. 200 users will be randomly picked to win 2 USD/USDN each!

Note: MyCointainer x Neutrino Campaign runs from 13th August to 30th August ONLY. 

If you deposit $50 of any coin on MyCointainer, you will receive $3 USDN as a reward!

If you buy $50 USDN to stake on MyCointainer, you will receive $5 USDN as a bonus!




For the bonus and buying round, email the proof at [email protected]

I wish you luck, my friends! :)

- Ann Margolis, MyCointainer Ambassador.



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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

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