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Ever since the massive growth of value that Bitcoin had made last December 2017, every thing has not been the same. Since then, cryptocurrencies have become the talks of people around the globe. Many have invested in digital money here and there, and different exchanges have emerge.
The success of Bitcoin led the way for other cryptocurrencies to blossom. It has expanded and allows even the least experienced investors to experience the beauty of having digital money in their digital wallet.

Cryptocurrency is completely its own thing. Imagine this: it is like money having a mind of its own. This decentralized currency is designed for you to carry out a transaction digitally. Just like any type of money, it also can be traded, converted, and the rise and fall of its value is also determined by some factors (ex. demand, no. of users, etc.). You can store and send money without going through an authority of central banks — and that’s a great advantage knowing that banks can potentially rip you off. If you don’t know already, all banks require high fees for you to pay. Not to mention, it also limits the way you control your OWN hard-earned money.



The All-time Advantages of Cryptocurrency

1.) Anonymity

Let us start by comparing the “push” and “pull” payment systems. Under the “pull” mechanism, your credit line transactions will undergo a series of verification process to ensure whether you’re eligible to transact money or not. This might involve tons of documents from your financial history and bank statements. On the other hand, the “push” system allows you to transact money smoothly as it should be without the complex examination processes as it doesn’t require no further information. Cryptocurrency works on a “push” basis — transactions are more confidential and secured, making you free from any risks or threat of identity theft. Anonymity is always possible when you use cryptocurrency.

2.) Transactions, Transaction Fees and Transaction Speed

Unlike in the traditional flow of funds, cryptocurrency doesn’t involve third parties (the bank, agents, legal representatives) and has a direct peer-to-peer way of transaction. No stressful paperworks, greater accountability and the emission of funds is secured once it is established.

Transaction fees are worrying, am I right? You send a considerable amount of money only to be deducted by numerous hidden fees of transferring or simply by writing checks. Paypal for example, they will most likely charge you just by sending/transferring your money to another. However, speaking of this matter, you don’t need to worry about it when it comes to using digital crypto money since it doesn’t usually apply. How is that? The people behind this who are doing the math called “miners” are compensated by the network. Meaning, there’s no need for them to take a bite out of your money and transactions. I think this is also the reason why Paypal does not allow to transfer Bitcoins in their system. Do not even think about the time it would take or the delays it would make, everything is immediate with crypto. Transaction speed is fast, transfers are done within half a minute or faster.

3.) Strong Security

You can’t ever relate fraud to cryptocurrency. Crypto is the type of money that cannot be counterfeited nor can be used in account tampering. If fiat money is made with paper and prints, crypto is made out of a strong encryption techniques. It also cannot be arbitrarily reversed as the charge-back you may encounter using the credit cards. With this type of money, privacy and security is 100% guaranteed.

4.) Adaptability, Ownership and Access

Keeping your fiat money in banks is like trusting a stranger to keep your deepest, darkest secret in life. Why would you do that when you can simply keep it to yourself? Sadly, when you own fiat money you are most likely involve a third party to access your finances. When that happens, you turn almost half of the authority to the banks, giving you limited control of your own wealth. With cryptocurrency, you are the sole owner and you have complete control of how you want things to be. You can safely keep your coins in your digital crypto wallet (Trust Wallet and Metamask to name a few) and keep its private and public encryption keys with you. In addition to that, everyone can own cryptocurrency! There is no limitations to whom may acquire this, all people worldwide has a fair opportunity to own one. To date, there are 1000+ different types of cryptocurrencies and altcoins that are circulating around the globe. Each have their own unique purposes and usage, too.

5.) Volatility

In the cryptocurrency world, volatility is something that you can encounter most often. The reason it that the value is determined by the free market and not by the central bank. Although there are maybe number of factors, most of the time it is based on the relationship between the supply and demand of a crypto. This uncertainty of whether the prices go up or down is what makes a cryptocurrency as a whole, nobody has the power to tamper its market value.





Cryptocurrency and Profitability 

Now here is the most interesting part, I know most of you got interested about cryptocurrency after what happened with Bitcoin almost 3 years ago. In terms of profitability, cryptocurrencies are indeed profitable and has the highest returns. In fact, cryptocurrencies has out shined traditional stock markets for over the last ten years. (You can see the details here.) The real question is, how can one possibly make profit from cryptocurrency?

Truth to be told, cryptocurrency is profitable if it is done correctly. You can even participate in airdrop campaigns and do some tasks on the internet to earn without investing, but there are other different ways and strategies to do, namely:

1.) Trading

The first thing that may pop into your mind is to do trading. Most experienced traders switched to crypto markets as soon as they heard how high their win ratio might go when they trade cryptocurrencies. However, trading is risky. It is a matter of life and death (greater profits or greater losses) as its risks are mainly related to the volatility of the assets. I suggest to do some research first regarding this method before you fully commit to doing so.

2.) Mining (Proof of Work)
Mining is the process of producing new cryptocurrencies. For the crypto coins to be available in market, a computer is used to validate blocks of transactions by doing the math. After the validation process, the person (miner) will receive a compensation from the token he mined. Mining can be done using Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC, a complex high-end equipment that usually costs around $3,000) or using normal computer, but the compensation you will earn will be shared with other miners that you’ve worked with.

3.) Staking (Proof of Stake)

There are two ways to validate transaction blocks — Mining (PoW) and Staking (PoS). The difference between the two is that mining uses solely computational power, while staking works by validating blocks based on the amount of the coins you have. The longer and more coins you stake, the more you earn from it. In order to stake, you have to hold different PoS coins.

With regards to staking, I know exactly the best platform to begin with. Whether you’re an experienced crypto investor or a new one, this fastest growing staking platform will surely hype up your experience with cryptocurrency.

My fellow crypto enthusiasts, allow me introduce you to: MyCointainer.




MyCointainer, an All-in-one Staking Provider with Advanced PoS Technology


The service platform with a simple solution for everyone. MyCointainer provides the easiest and safest way to earn money by staking, it allows users to select staking coins from a variety to choose from. It also offers a fully automatic staking and shared masternodes that generates profit for you. This staking provider’s whole concept is to create a passive income for the users, so you don’t need to stress about earning it yourself. Unlike mining, with the help of MyCointaineryou don’t need to spend thousands of your money to buy costly hardware or worry about your electricity bill going awry. You don’t need to fret about the risks and loss about your earnings either, as there are no risks involve when you’re using this service. All you have to do is stake, sit back and relax!


Why MyCointainer?


MyCointainer features both PoS coins and masternodes services to generate profits. MyCointainer Power is an add-on feature that allows users to reduce the staking fees to 0% and generate 100% of their income, although the rewards generated may vary based on the consensus of the coin. What makes it different from the other regular staking platform is that it allows everyone to benefit from their service regardless of the amount of coins that one has invested.

Just like how it’s describe in the title of this post, MyCointainer provides you profit and security in the comfort of your home. Let me explain further what other advantages it can give you just in case you want to give it a try:

1.) User-friendly Interface and Supports Crypto Adoption Worldwide

Coming up with a very easy-to-use website and application that is accessible to the entire globe is the key component that MyCointainer has prioritized, its goal is to open the opportunity to earn for everyone — not just limited or reserved to the professional crypto traders, but for the newbies as well. In the platform, users can easily buy cryptocurrency with their regular fiat money.

From the MyCointainer Website:

MyCointainer is a solution designed for everyone – newcomers and professionals alike. Our aim is to enable easy access to the crypto world. We want everyone to equally benefit from rewards that come from various digital assets and as a result speed up the advent of crypto adoption worldwide.




2.) Rewarding and Stress-free Earning Experience

Staking your coins will earn you a piece of your profit, as this is the algorithm of PoS in general. MyCointainer will take care of earning the rewards for you and it is automatically generating access to the shared masternodes. The other good news is, any profit that you make is also a subject to compound interest. With this service, every thing is definitely vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating, sprinkles and cherry on top!




3.) Produced by a team of Experts

That is correct! MyCointainer is a team composed of professionals, specifically entrepreneurs, technologists and developers. Not to mention, all of them have a good background and broad knowledge about the growing economy of cryptocurrency.

From the website:

We are a team of technologists, creatives & entrepreneurs with a very strong background in new, emerging cryptoeconomy. We also worked with international clients in the past.


4.) Wide Selection of Coins + Lowest Staking Fee

To date, there are over 45+ coins available to stake in the platform. This includes, but not limited to: RapidsDivi Coin, BitBay, NavCoin, BitGreen, Waves and Electra Coin among the others. In fact, MyCointainer was recently featured in CryptoDiffer and is the #1 top staking provider based on the amount of crypto assets featured. As for the fee, it charges the lowest of all the staking providers. It only has 0-9% staking fee, almost nonexistent.






5.) Regulated, Secured and Safety is 100% Guaranteed

This platform is intelligently and critically developed to ensure everyone’s safety and protection against threats of cyber attacks. It has a high security protocols and requires every user to undergo a strict verification process in order to fully take advantage of the service. It has also prepared Secure Asset Funds for Users (SAFU) in case of emergency situations. MyCointainer is financially regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and is licensed to 1.) provide a virtual currency wallet service (No. FRK000469) and 2.) to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (No. FVR000557). You can see it here.

So what do you think about Cryptocurrency & MyCointainer? This is just an overview of how beneficial it is to adopt on cryptocurrency especially on crucial times like what’s happening right now. I hope this post will enlighten you to support mass adoption of cryptocurrency and take fully advantage of its benefits as well. To learn more about cryptocurrencies & the services of MyCointainer, I suggest you to take a look on MyCointainer Insight for other information.

Earn from home using MyCointainer, hassle-free earning platform with advanced PoS technology. Visit: today!

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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

Cryptocurrency gives you what fiat money can't, and that is freedom.

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