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MyCointainer is on a mission to help spread cryptocurrency awareness and hasten its mass adoption around the globe, that is why they are opening doors for more crypto enthusiasts to join the team.

For those who don't know already, MyCointainer is a leading cryptocurrency staking pool with over 37,000 registered users as of August 2020. It has been constantly expanding its opportunities to every parts of the world since its first launch back in 2018, and now they are welcoming passionate, like-minded individuals to advocate for MyCointainer's offered services, as well as pushing for blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption that could eventually bring about desirable changes in the standards of the world.

Brief Intro about MyCointainer
MyCointainer is a staking and masternodes provider that supports over 74 crypto assets to date, with a newbie-friendly interface that is suitable for both experienced investors and newcomers in the crypto space. It caters staking and exchange services for user's convenience, and charges the lowest staking fees of only 0-9%.

Roles of MyCointainer's Community Ambassadors
Just like any community ambassadors, your tasks would likely consist of spreading the word about MyCointainer, namely:



    • Directing our PR releases and campaigns on various media outlets (forums, news sites, blogs, etc...) in your Country.

    • Translate the content, helping to create, post, and share it.

    • Work with local ambassadors, influencers to grow more rapidly.

    • All other marketing and PR activities that ensure more awareness of MyCointainer

    • Helping to build local community to join our platform across our social media channels.





Open Community Specialist Job Offers

MyCointainer is accepting applicants from United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and Netherlands. If you are from any of the countries mentioned, please refer to the respective links below and continue with your application process on the directed site:

1.) United Kingdom - Apply Here
2.) Poland - Apply Here

3.) Italy - Apply Here
4.) Spain - Apply Here
5.) France - Apply Here

6.) Belgium - Apply Here
7.) Netherlands - Apply Here

In all due time, MyCointainer aims to be the most renowned investment service in the league, and making its services more accessible to a wide-range of audiences would help enhance its features and attain its overall objective: to be a witness of a crypto-friendly environment in the foreseeable future. With that being said, expect more countries to be announced soon. I'll regularly update this post of mine, so stay tuned for more!

You can follow me on Twitter for more timely updates: Ann Margolis on Twitter
MyCointainer Twitter Account: MyCointainer on Twitter

For FAQs, please refer to this: MyCointainer FAQs
MyCointainer Website:


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Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer
Cryptocurrency and MyCointainer

Cryptocurrency gives you what fiat money can't, and that is freedom.

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