Have you been debating whether or not to introduce your dog to cannabinoids, then this article is just for you. 


CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that provides calming, therapeutic benefits for humans as well as our furry friends. 

Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD comes in various forms like full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolates. However, when you’re shopping around for the best CBD pet products, you’ll notice most of them are broad spectrum since they don’t contain THC. 

This provides pet parents with much-needed peace of mind, especially if it’s the first CBD product your pet will experience. 


Yes, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, thanks to The Farm Bill of 2018.

This action removed hemp from a schedule l status, giving people all over the country the capability to shop for high-quality products without leaving the comfort of their home!

Hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, which is a defining part of its legality. 


cbdfx us blog Are There CBD Gummies for Dogs do my dogs need cbdThere are plenty of reasons to think about introducing your dog to CBD. 

Dogs are like people in some ways, seeing they all have their own unique personalities. You may notice your dog is naturally wound-up and up-tight; if this is the case, they’ll benefit from the calming properties of CBD.

Many people are heading back to work, post-pandemic, which will be a big adjustment to our four-legged companions. They’ve had you home for the last year, so they’re become accustomed to your presence throughout the day. Dogs thrive with a routine, so do not be surprised if they struggle with the change of you heading out to work again each day.

This is where CBD can help as many dog owners report giving their dogs CBD helps them cope with being alone during the day. 


Now we know that your dog will benefit from CBD, you need to decide what type of product works best for them. 

Let’s look at some products you can start with, while keeping your dog’s personality and lifestyle in mind. 


cbdfx us blog Are There CBD Gummies for Dogs pet tincture oil

CBD oils for dogs are a great starting point since they’re versatile. There’s a wide range of concentrations, so you can easily find the right one for your dog. In addition, most formulations contain MCT oil for enhanced absorption and effectiveness. 

For example, here at things CBD, we have human-grade CBD pet tinctures for small breeds under 20 pounds, tinctures for very large breeds over 100 pounds, and every size in between. 

They have a smoky bacon flavor that mixes well with any type of food—or you can give it to them as is!


cbdfx us blog Are There CBD Gummies for Dogs pet treatsYou know your pet better than anyone else, so you know if your dog prefers treats or chewing in general. 

With thousands of CBD pet treat options on the market, it’s almost like shopping for dog treats as you usually would, except you have to look for quality hemp ingredients and monitor how your dog responds to it. 

Treats are great because they offer a little more flexibility and convenience. You can keep a few with you for a road trip or any situation where your buddy may needs a little bit of chill. 


If your pup experiences any type of skin irritation or muscle discomfort, then exploring CBD topicals for your dog may be the way to go. 

Topicals offer target relief, but many of these products also contain nourishing blends of natural and essential oils to soothe irritated skin. These are beneficial for paw irritation, discomfort, or insect bites.


You don’t want to give your dog just any CBD product. You want to align yourselves with a reputable company crafting quality products known for their effectiveness. 


First, look for organically grown hemp. This is one of the most crucial elements of this process because it is possible for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to make their way into the hemp plant and subsequently into the oil during the extraction process. This would lead to your furry friend ending up with a chemical-tainted product, which may very well be harmful to their health. 

After confirming organic farming techniques, look for third-party lab tests since they ensure a product’s potency and purity. 

You can see the product’s concentration, to make sure it matches the advertised amount, and you can make sure the product doesn’t have toxins, chemicals or heavy metals. 

This information should be easily found on the company’s website, but if you can’t locate it, we suggest reaching out to their customer service department so you can be informed regarding their practices and procedures. 


While you won’t find CBD gummies for dogs - you will find a wide variety of CBD products specifically formulated for our four-legged friends.

Many products on the market are human-grade and made with top-tier ingredients that enhance the overall effectiveness. 

There are countless ways to introduce your dogs to CBD and the wellness benefits they’re capable of providing. 

Explore our CBD Pet Collection and find out today!


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