Cryptocurrency 101 for Users: Chapter 4 How to Obtain if You Cannot Buy


The two default way to get cryptocurrency is to mine and to buy from miners. After reading the three chapters, you should be familiar in buying cryptocurrency coins. However, you may chose not to buy for various of reasons such as afraid of the loss, still not comfortable with cryptocurrency, or you just do not have a penny to spare. This chapter presents other methods of getting cryptocurrency mostly free but also mostly not much amount.

Using Crypto Powered Products

The best way for starters to get cryptocurrency coins is to try using crypto powered products. It is a good introduction for starters to see what innovations are being developed in the crypto world. While current services such as Google and Facebook keeps profit for themselves, most crypto powered products shares their profit with the users where most of their concept are products are useless without you customers. Even if they do not have profit yet, they can share to you the coins first and add value to them later.

Crypto Powered Browsers

I will take a guess that most of you who are here are Internet literate where you use browsers most of the time. Time to change your browser. Use a cryto powered browser. Disclaimer, most of them are not necessarily decentralized but they give you crypto tokens for using them and they provide extra functions related to cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser


The most popular one today is Brave browser, available on most operating systems which are Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, and IOS. Brave browser changes how online advertisements are presented. From their study that many unwanted advertisements and trackers annoys online user's experience. Not only they contribute to heavy data usage but also getting your personal information for free and without your consent and even worse some of them are malicious. Download and install through this link:


Brave browser returns the power to you, where you decide whether you want to see advertisements or not and if you choose to see an advertisement verified by Brave you will be rewarded with Basic Attention Token (BAT). From user's perspective a random notification will pop up informing you that there is an advertisement. You can choose to click and see for the reward or ignore. The BAT reward either can be kept for yourself or be tipped to the owner of the website.

Netbox Browser


Netbox browser is said to be decentralized browser where you are rewarded with Netbox (NBX) for using it. The browser have basic Netbox wallet functionality such as send, receive, and backup keys. The most interesting function for me now is the staking function where you can lock your earned NBX to receive more NBX rewards. Unfortunately, it is only available on Windows operating system. Download Netbox browser through this link:


Bittube Extension or Browser


Bittube is my favorite because you do not need to use the browser but you can install the extension on your existing browsers. For example, in Windows, I use Netbox browser with Bittube extension earning NBX and TUBE reward at the same time, and in Linux, I use Brave Browser with Bittube extension earning BAT and TUBE reward at the same time. They called the service airtime which rewards you in Bittube coin (TUBE) for the time you spend browsing while using Bittube extension. Download Bittube through this link:


Other than the similar adblocker function in Brave browserBittube provides a very interesting feature for me which is monetization where if anyone especially with Bittube extension installed visits my website, blogs, social media, and other platform, I will be rewarded with TUBE. Other than that, it is originally a video platform like Youtube which is good for me as a content creator. Therefore, I invested in TUBE by staking up to the highest level to get maximum reward.

Cryptotab Browser


This browser is a fork of Chrome with CPU Bitcoin mining installed. All you have to do is download, install, and press the mining button to start mining. This simplicity is good for starters who either do not want to buy Bitcoin or want to try mining experience but do not want to go through the technicallity. Though it can take days to earn even a Dollar worth of Bitcoin but in roughly two days you will earn enough pennies to withdraw to your wallet. Disclaimer, it technically does not mine Bitcoin but altcoins which will be converted to Bitcoin. Download using this link which are available on Windows, MacOS, Android, and IOS.

Crypto Powered Search Engine



Presearch is an open and decentralized search engine that rewards you with Presearch Tokens (PRE) for your usage, contribution, and promotion. Presearch is on the way to release future versions of the open source platform that will utilize a blockchain-based index curated by the community. These are descriptions from their website and register first using this link before you can earn.

Crypto Powered Social Media Platform



Torum is a social media platform that rewards users' engagement in Xtorum (XTM). The interface design is similar to Facebook giving familiarity to new users. Currently it is still in beta phase and will move to decentralization in the future. Therefore at the time of writing of this chapter, you can only join through invitation link As for me, I am waiting for their smartphone application to come out and at least a mobile friendly website. Different from most crypto powered social media platform, the token reward is gamified by giving you daily, weekly, and monthly missions such as login, make, and share a post everyday, comment on three posts, and like five posts for rewards. Torum will be more than just crypto powered social media. In summary, it will be an exchange integrated with a social media and other products providing utility of XTM token. If you are interested for more information, join now and take a look yourself.



Minds is a free and open source distributed social networking service that uses the blockchain to reward the community with tokens. Minds has become popular for its commitment to privacy, decentralization, optional anonymity, radical transparency, free speech, and user rewards in contrast to the surveillance, secrecy, censorship, and algorithm manipulation it alleges, occurs on many proprietary social networks. Smartphone application is also available and the interface design is as familiar as popular social networking platforms. Join using this link



An emerging social media platform that rewards you in Uhive tokens. The concept is having many spaces and you choose what space to follow (kinda like myspace?). They also have a smartphone application that is well designed. Join at and Use my referral code (GY3WKO) to earn an extra 25% tokens on all your new purchases.



Unlike other platforms, Voice is bot-free and only allows one account per person. This means interraction between real people and no shadiness. You can get rewarded in Voice token for creating popular contents. Currently, it is still in invitational phase and I am still on the waiting list.

Crypto Powered Blogging Platform

Steemit & Hive Blog & Blurt


Steem is its own blockchain initially for contents where they are decentralized. You get rewarded in Steem in Steemit if you make a comment on a post and other people upvoted your comment. It is also said that you get a portion of the reward if you upvote and then other people upvotes after you but I am not so sure. Yes, there was an internal conflict in Steemit where Justin Sun bought it and ended up splitting between Steem and Hive blockchain where Hive is a hardfork of Steem. However as a starting user or content creator, why do you care? Just join both Steemit and Hive Blog and see how it goes. Also Steem and Hive are the blockchain. There are other platforms out there other than Steemit and Hive Blog which I have not explored. Recently, another fork came out called Blurt World where the difference is there is no downvote. Unlike Steem and Hive where those who hold the most coins have the ability to destroy posts that they do not like, Blurt cannot be controlled by whales. Join now at, /, and




I first saw Uptrennd as a social media that rewards users in 1UP token for their engagements such as reading posts and commenting but then I saw it to be too much to be just a social media platform because of the length of the posts. Usually a social media platform have people posting few sentences of status but most of the post I see are more like blog posts which is longer than status. Also, be careful when commenting here. At first I did not know that users get 1UP token just for commenting so many people spam just to get the reward. The community hates comments that are not informative even comments such as "keep up the good work", "what a nice post", and "you did well" are regarded as spams. You have to give more informative comments such as asking related questions and giving feedbacks. Join now at



Publish0x is a crypto agnostic platform that rewards you in various of tokens for reading a post. The system is a tipping system but they provide the tips for you. Also, you choose how much to split between you and the author of the post. Naturally, it attracts fantastic posts where this is one of the platform where I found hidden crypto gems also a good place to keep up with cryptocurrency news while getting rewarded. Join now at


Crypto Powered Multimedia Platform



LBRY is a video platform dedicated for censorship resistance and content ownership. As a viewer, you get rewarded by watching videos and following content creators in LBRY credit. They are very fierce in inviting users who hates Youtube's censorship. If you have a Youtube channel, you can back it up to LBRY in just few steps and it will remain synchronized where you do not need to upload to LBRY, just upload to Youtube and LBRY will duplicate the video to your LBRY channel for you. Now they have Odysee which is just the same as LBRY but better design. Join now at$/invite/@0fajarpurnama0:e



Bittube is similar to LBRY but they do not solely focus on multimedia. They have airtime, browser, adblock, virtual private network (VPN) service, content monetization, and TUBE payment. It is more likely that they will expand their services in the future. For now there is and but before that you need to install the browser extension and register through this link:



Dtube is built on top of Steem blockchain though they are changing their reward system to their own Dtube token. Since it is Steem, the system is almost the same. You get rewarded if you make a comment and other upvotes it. Now this one is really decentralized that they may not keep a video storage on their own server but straight to interplanetery file system (IPFS) where you should always have a backup of your own video as they can disappear. My videos are lost which I do not know why but I suspect that my videos are not popular enough where not enough nodes are storing my videos and those nodes now are down.

Crypto Powered Gaming Platform


Rather than just rewarding players with coins for playing their video games, their implementation is more to Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are like ownership of digital medias powered by the blockchain. Think of it as Monalisa painting where even if you create the exact duplicate of it, it will not have much value to the original. Eventhough the quality is the same, but the fact remains that it is the people that gives them value. If people says it is not valuable, then it is not valuable even if they exactly the same. If you think that NFTs are stupid like you can just copy the digital media, you will be even more stupid if you do not accept the reality that people gives them value and not take profit. The earliest example is Decentraland where you can own lands in virtual reality currently exchangeable in their native currency called MANA.


Well, I do know one site that have collections of classic games such as ones in old Nintendos and Gameboys at Roller Coin . If you play those kinds of games daily, better to play at and earn pennies of cryptos. Alas, I became more busy as I get older. Eventhough I really wanted to play games a lot, I did not have the chance. Therefore, I cannot discuss about this topic much. Hopefully, I can get rich one day, so I can start switching my income from jobs to playing games like those content creators.


Earn Cryptocurrencies

Earning is the best way to get cryptocurrencies without fearing of losing its value because it is in our nature when we invest or trade, we do not want to see losses but by earning we most likely avoid that psychological problem. You can work for people who owns cryptocurrencies by doing some physical labors such as in part time jobs for example performing deliveries, sorting goods, doing errands, and even providing therapies such as massages. Aside from those activities, here are some online activities that I have experience on that can earn cryptocurrencies.

Common Tasks


I define common tasks as tasks that almost everyone can do. For examples, answering surveys, testing applications and games, and viewing advertisements. The best application that provides these tasks for me at the time of writing this book is Cointiply. In my opinion, it is like an intemediary, bridge, broker, or third party application that connects common task providers in one place. Other than its website, an Android smartphone application is available as well and hopefully for IOS in the future too. Join now at There are probably more platforms other than Cointiply, but I have not explore more especially freelance sites that are paid using cryptocurrencies.

Content Creation

Many people became content creators due to the passive income made from advertisements and donations. Nowadays, you can become an independent writer and a multimedia content creator who have your own channel. Long before I was in cryptocurrency, I was a blogger and a Youtuber. Thanks to the integration of cryptocurrencies, the income that can be made from content creating expanded.

Personal Monetization

Thanks to advertisement platforms such as Google Adsense anyone can monetize their contents meaning earning passive revenues based on the viewers of the contents. There is also another kind of advertisement platform that can monetize your hyperlinks such as AdFly. Other than advertisements, there is Patreon that is dedicated on providing platform for premium contents. Then, there is digital currency platforms such as Paypal that allows for easy donation. Today, there is cryptocurrency that expands the monetization possibilities:

  • Simpler donations where you only need to show your coin address' QR code on your contents for viewers to donate. There is also Brave and Bittube where the viewers only need to click a button to donate when viewing your contents but only in their BAT and TUBE. Very soon, web3, unstoppable domains and other crypto innovations are comming where even QR code is no longer necessary but viewers only needs to click a button. Not to forget to mention that cryptocurrency donation can be transparent, therefore anyone can see the donation transaction flow.
  • Bittube have their airtime monetization function where you only need to post a view lines of script on your contents. The result is that you are rewarded with TUBE for the viewers' time viewing your contents especially Bittubers.
  • Though Google Adsense and AdFly only pays you in fiat currencies but there are other platforms that pays you in cryptocurrencies such as MellowAds and A-ADS. The method of advertisements are also expanding such as VIDY that smartly puts advertisment videos in some words of your articles.
  • There is the controversial JavaScript mining where it is controversial because it visibly use the resource of the viewers. Eventhough advertisements is the same because the more ads and trackers adds more to the network traffic which also means resource drainage but not as visible as JavaScript mining. JavaScript mining is a monetization method where the viewers donate computational power to you for mining cryptocurrencies. A dedicated platform for this is Coinimp where all you need to do is copy the script into your contents and the viewers that opens your contents will mine cryptocurrencies for you. The controversy back then is the lack of consent for the mining where most practices does not inform viewers that there is JavaScript mining which means that viewers are not aware that they are donating computational resource which is also electricity to mine cryptocurrencies for the content creator. However, if you use it correctly, the possibilities are endless. To start of you can ask for consent to the viewers before starting JavaScript. At least inform them that JavaScript mining is implemented and how much CPU percentage was set for mining. For me, I provide an interface that allows viewers to start and stop mining as they wish and how much CPU usage they are will to contribute. An innovation example in accessing premium contents is that if they do not want to donate money, they can donate CPU usage after some time or some hash power amount as a payment for premium contents. This can be used as donation method as well where for example the amount of hash power they contribute is recorded and shown.

Most of the monetization method requires the function and allows JavaScript. These monetization will not work for example on FacebookTwitter, and Medium. Here are some blogging platforms that allows JavaScript:

Also some online code editors:

Crypto Powered Products Previously Mentioned


There are many platforms today that does not require you to configure your own monetization. They handle it for you where all you have to do is just focus on creating your contents. In this subsection is the products I have mention where previously I only state that you are rewarded cryptocurrencies for viewing. You should also know that content creators are rewarded as well:


Crypto Powered Products Newly Mentioned

In this subsection are crypto powered products that I have not mentioned because they only reward content creators only and not viewers:

Read Cash

28.readcash.PNG is another platform that pays writers in cryptocurrency. Currently, they stated clearly that they have no intention of storing the contents on chain and fighting against censorship is not in their scope. They do hate censorship but they simply want to focus on rewarding content creators. Their form of reward is in Bitcoin Cash because it is designed for low transaction fee. Join now at



Like other crypto video platform but focuses only on live videos. The streamers are tipped with Lino, Lemon, etc. Join now at



One of the earliest crypto video platform that fights against censorship. Monetization is coming soon but content creators can still earn through donations. Join now at

Referrals or Affiliate Marketings


If you realized that at the end of each subsections, I shared my referral links to each of those products. If you used those links, I will get commissions in cryptocurrencies. That's right, in this age, sales person is not only those well dressed in suits handing flyers. Anyone can become an indipendent or freelance sales person by sharing referral links provided by the providers. Especially with cryptocurrencies, providers can generate coins or tokens before it will have any value and the borderless and permissionless system allows to quickly distribute the rewards to the sales person. In my opinion, since there are many products to refer, is better to create priorities, and as a content creator the priority of the products to refer in order from my preference are (1) demand, (2) deals, (3) profit, and (4) others.

Demanded Products

Demanded products from my definition are products that are potentially needed and are useful for customers. Examples of potential demanded products are:

  • When people asked me where to buy cryptocurrency, I redirect them to Indodax for Indonesian which is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the country and if they join using this link, I will 25% of their trading fee for 3 months. For those who are in Japan, I redirect them to BTCBOX and if they input HNRCWSLFLF, we all will get JPY 500 each.
  • When Indonesian people asked me about selling their cryptocurrency and withdraw them to the bank, I redirect them to Tokocrypto for desktop users, and Pintu (input FAJAR199) for mobile users because they have low fixed withdrawal fee of Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 5000 which is around $0.4. If they use my Tokocrypto link, we each will get TKO 75, and if they use my Pintu code FAJAR199, we each will get a random reward ranging from IDR 5000 - 1000000.

Examples of potentially useful products but not necessary demanded are:


Deals are referral links that not only profits the inviters but the invitees as well. In other words, it is more profitable to buy, subscribe, or register to products using referral links instead of the regular way. Go to to see the rest of my deals, some examples are:

Profitable Products

They are not deals because they are only profitable for inviters which for me can be in form of one time reward amount, multi-level referral system, and creative referral system.

One Time Reward Amount

My next highest one time reward amount referal links after crypto.comBybit, and Phemex, are Coinbase earns where each links will reward me up to $40 and they will earn cryptos for learning where I collected $50 in just an hour.

Multi-level Referral System

The next one is multi-level referral system, if you know the term multi-level marketing, that is exactly it where if the people I invited invites more people, I get rewarded as well. The three products that I found have multi-level referral system are Cryptotab Browser ( Magnet (, and Switch Here (

Creative Referral System

Another referral link that is fun to share is creative referral links. For example Publish0x gave me a unique refferal identification (ID) of "?a=4oeEw0Yb0B" where I can attach to any Publish0x links to refer to someone to receive commissions even if they are not my articles. For example, if I find interesting articles, I can share to my friends or post to the social media while attaching my referral ID to the articles' links, and if someone registered using that link, I will receive a commission. This feature is also provided by Read CashSteemitHive Blog, and Blurt.

Content Creation + Online Referral

As I said before, with online referral, we do not have to wear glamorous suits and sweet talk people face to face. We can use online advertisement platform or even just post on our social media. If you are a content creator, you can write articles, do podcasts, and make videos related to the products and insert a referral hyperlink within. This way, you can do affiliate marketing while adding contents on your platform to gain more views to increase to increase your monetization. This chapter itself is an example where I write an online book and have referral links in them hoping for customers. If you think further, you can even make your own advertisement by creating a hyperlink image where you make an image or animation that can attract viewers to your referral link and have them click the image and register. Note that you will be a direct advertiser where you only get revenue if viewers register to your referral links unlike being a publisher in adsense.

Almost Free Coins

There are sites that all you have to do is visit them and you will be rewarded in coins for doing so. They call this a coin faucet because it is illustratable as opening a faucet to get a drop of water, where instead of water you get a drop of coin. Though visit interval varies from site to site, most of them rewards you for visiting every hours and most of them are in form of lucky slot machines where you get an extremely small chance to win big for example of to $100. Other than Cointiply, here are my favorite faucets:

Active faucets where they are active in Twitter:

I have more list on Well, if you are only in for the free coins then no problem but becareful if you plan to deposit some coins to gamble or whatever because there are many scams. This section's title will close this chapter as it is called "almost free coins". Not only these faucets, but everything I mentioned here is in my opinion almost free coins. If it does not cost you electricity and Internet, at the very least it cost you your time. Whether to do this as a job is still debatable and still research in progress from my side. However, this still provides an opportunity for those who only want to get very small amounts of coins where it is not possible by buying.

Please leave a comment if you know anymore.

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Cryptocurrency 101 for Users
Cryptocurrency 101 for Users

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