Chainlink (LINK) in short

Chainlink (LINK) in short

Chainlink (LINK) summerized in a few points
1. Chainlink makes it possible to connect smart contracts and the real world


2. Financial institutions and companies can use smart contracts via the Chainlink network without actually having to switch to smart contracts themselves. This allows them to take advantage of decentralization in an accessible manner;


3. Organizations receive LINK tokens for supplying data and web APIs;
4. Chainlink can create a decentralized oracle through smart contracts, supplied data and the LINK token;
5. The LINK token is based on the Ethereum blockchain and will not experience a token swap;
6. You can store the token on a hardware wallet;


7. The LINK token will increase in value as Chainlink is used more and more;
8. You can buy Chainlink at all the big exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Huobi, OkeX and many others;
9. The price of Chainlink on the 13th of June is $4,04. 

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