ATLANT (ATL): Blockchain Real Estate

ATLANT (ATL): Blockchain Real Estate

The real estate market is extremely lucrative and one of the largest markets in the world, if not the largest. The total market value is estimated at a whopping $ 217 trillion. Unfortunately, the real estate market is also very inefficient and quite closed. For example, outsiders can hardly enter the market. Money is also stuck in many places because third parties charge high costs and commissions. The real estate market is therefore unprecedentedly large, but many things can be improved. ATLANT is a player who wants to permanently change the real estate market in a positive way. ATLANT's project aims to break open the real estate market and solve several of the current problems.


Real estate market
The real estate market plays a major role all around you; the house you live in, buildings you see and so on. A lot of people depend on the real estate market, such as landlords, notaries, cleaning companies, etc. It may be clear how big the market is, but the real estate market may even be the largest market in the world with a value of no less than $ 217 trillion. The problem with the real estate market is that it is owned by a select group, which makes it difficult for other investors to enter the market.
ATLANT wants to enter the real estate market and gain a significant market share. ATLANT wants to do this by trading real estate in the form of tokens on a trading platform. In addition to real estate trading, pending cases will also be addressed. The idea is to facilitate the transfer of ownership, make transactions cheaper and faster and cut overhead such as notaries. All this of course on the basis of smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, the method is safer and more transparent. As a result, less money is needed to guarantee this safety plus the price drops due to its transparent nature.
ATLANT's project, coupled with blockchain technology, has several major advantages:
- Opening of the 'closed' real estate market for investors, where investors have the opportunity to take an interest in real estate through tokens on a trading platform
- The real estate market is becoming more transparent and more liquid  
- Security is guaranteed thanks to the blockchain technology of the Ethereum network and the associated smart contracts
- ATLANT has more to offer than just real estate. Other aspects of the real estate market such as rental costs and notary costs can also be significantly reduced.




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