Videogames as a way of working: reality or fiction

It is not new to anyone that the internet connects you in many ways with many people
but if this could be used to profit it would be something perfect, for more than
10 years has been making money online in many ways and it is something that people
They did not want to accept until this pandemic arrived.

Since the 2000s, he has been making money with multiple platforms either by watching ads,
changing game objects, fulfilling quets or simply with a referral system. Nowadays
it is easier to get to this money because there is more knowledge thanks to the pandemic and people
who worked from day to day had to enter this world from which they will not leave since it is well paid in many
cases and more if you convert your earnings into cryptocurrencies.


A clear example of this modality is my country VENEZUELA, due to a dictatorial Castro communist regime the minimum wage
It is 2 dollars a month (1 dollar every 15 days). Very high percentage of Venezuelans earn money through runescape a game
where they take gold and sell it to players from other countries who do use it. For what some is a means of entertainment
for others it is the bread of their family, even children. I have the testimony of entire families playing 24 hours a day
taking turns to sleep since you earn more than going to teach, even children who do not go to schools because it is more profitable




the future is today and it is virtual

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Cryptocurrencies for dummies.
Cryptocurrencies for dummies.

Cryptocurrencies for dummies

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