Launchpad on Binance. How it's working?

Launchpad on Binance. How it's working?

You often ask about the launchpad on Binance: how to participate, what conditions must be met?

The most important condition for participation in the launchpad on binance is to have a BNB token. During the settlement period (it lasts about a week before), snapshots of the portfolio balance are taken, on the basis of which the average number of BNBs is determined (BNB holding Calculation Period).

It is also important that you are verified on the stock exchange and have a KYC.
The calculation will be presented for an exemplary balance equal to 1 BNB.



Then, after the calculation period, we have to accept the amount of BNB calculated in the previous step.
Please note here that time is limited and we only have a few hours for this (4 hours in this case):


After approval of the allocation, the funds (BNB) disappear from the account for the duration of the subscription.
Don't worry: after the subscription is completed and the allocation is calculated, your BNB will be returned to your account
minus the amount allocated for the purchase of a new token.


Then the due tokens are calculated ...



... and final allocation:



The final distribution and the return of unused BNB takes place shortly after the end of the launchpad (here after about 1 hour).

So if you want to participate in the launchpad on Binance, all you need to do is have BNB and accept the allocation at the right moment.

The only thing you should pay attention to is the moment of listing the new token on the stock exchange ...

What the final summary looks like:

- 0.001BNB ($ 495 * 0.001BNB = $ 0.49) was invested from 1 BNB

- bought 0.5016 LAZIO worth up to $ 50/LAZIO after listing

- sale on the stock exchange for $ 45 and immediately repurchased in the same amount for $ 20

- a profit of $ 10 and the initial amount of LAZIO (0.5).

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