Zapper Finance

Zapper Finance, a quick look

Today I will introduce you to Zapper Finance, an app that gives you a very good overview of what you have and what opportunities are there for you. 

This tool gives you a hand in the complex world of DeFi. Simply log in your Ethereum public address (never give your private key to anyone) and Zapper will show you a dashboard of all the accounts you have on DeFi. It is free and doesn't require any personal information. Be careful, there are several sites named Zapper, the one we are looking at today is


You will find on Zapper a lot of services to track and invest into decentralized finance. For example, links to bridges to get on Polygon, find the decentralized exchange with the best fees to exchange the cryptocurrencies you are looking for or get the best liquidity pool rewards across several markets. Zapper is compatible with products and wallets of the Ethereum Mainnet, Fantom, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Like all DeFi related apps, Zapper is evolving quickly and several enhancements and functionalities are added frequently.



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Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.
Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes.

Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, games and passive incomes. I translate a few of my french posts here.

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