The token on Binance, announced an Airdrop

By kdrtysz | CRYPTOCURRENCIES AND NEWS | 14 Aug 2022

Since receiving its first airdrop, optimism has managed to rank as one of the famous altcoins of 2022. The OP is now highly likely to receive a second airdrop. Optimism, which has long drawn interest with its scaling solutions for Ethereum, caught attention once more this week with its airdrop signal. The developers claim that 14% of their existing reserves are set aside for the airdrop. The OP's second airdrop is currently being considered missing.







Coming generations airdrop activities
Layer 2 (L2) solutions, yield farming, and DeFi are all Ethereum-based applications. Smarter contracts can now be supported on the Ethereum network thanks to popular layer 2 solutions like Optimism. OP offers a quick and effective scaling solution for Ethereum with minimal code. The project is governed by the Optimism Foundation and employs a transparent governance process as well as the management token OP of the same name. The project's community component is developed by participation, but an efficient scaling mechanism supports its utilization.

These positive changes all contribute to the demand for the OP. Furthermore, an airdrop is becoming more popular. Due to the ambiguity around the conditions necessary to benefit from the second airdrop potential, investors are still interested. Investors that fall short of the requirements can still attempt to benefit from the airdrop by transferring low-balance coins every one to two weeks through cross-chain transfers.

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