Some of my vision of life through a little bit of my NFT experience with SORARE and VGM, team of french crypto lovers.
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Some of my vision of life through a little bit of my NFT experience with SORARE and VGM, team of french crypto lovers.

Greetings ! In the name of Virtual Goods Management ! 

Hello everyone and welcome it is with great pleasure that this morning I am writing to you from my apartment in the south of France, it is 8 o'clock in the morning and while the sky is gray, almost all the map of crypto currency rates is in the green. We are living exceptional moments and it is an absolute delight I imagine for you as well as for us!

So many surprises have been lived, and how this community is full of tricks, ingenuity, creativity and enthusiasm. I love to share this experience with you!

If the daily life of my friends who do not hear anything to the encrypted currencies on the blockchain tends to leave me cold and somewhat desperate by its inertia, it is I confess to you a whole other enchantment that seizes me when I come here on publish0x to share with you the latest news, read your surprising articles and taste the excellent visual compositions, filled with explosive information that allow us to see more clearly, further, more finely the path that decentralized finance and the myriad of derivative projects that revolve around blockchain technology are tracing before us.

I've come to you to give you a short report on the progress of a few NFT projects, the experiences I've had as a player with Virtual Goods Management, the products to come, constraints and trends I'm exploring.

We are just a few steps away from a new era, a new earth, a new cosmetics, a new planet.

Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and others have shaken up the news by evoking, loudly or quietly, this or that crypto project.

And it's not over yet. For NFT technology is now garnering projects from some of the biggest names in global entertainment.

No more introductions... VGMBOYZ is the name of the soccer team I'm creating right now on the SORARE.COM game.
What is it about with Sorare? Soccer, of course, and then virtual team management, buying and selling players, composing a shock team, playing matches with your team and mixing in this fictitious competition, the results of the players in the real world! Can you imagine the potential? Betting on a little known player, full of promise, and seeing him tearing up his season? This is an example of what sorare offers.

So I'm starting to present it to you here, a new profile in the game. You are a few moments after the quick registration already discovering the players randomly assigned to you. You set up your club and here we go, we're already talking about big money! Cards can be bought and sold, the bids are pouring in. For those who know the economic ecosystem of new technologies in France, Xavier Niel, a friend of President Macron, whom I won't criticize, as politics disgusts me so much, and boss of the internet service provider Free (which has nothing free), has invested half a million euros on the platform in 2019.

I won't explain more about Sorare because it's SIMPLISH! Let us guide you to enter in a few minutes just a few minutes into the management of fantasay soccer team and, I hope you, pocket euros by your performance!

I will come immediately to the principle of bidding, as I advance in the configuration of my team. I credit some ETH on a metamask wallet (aaaaah the simplicity of metamask ! Thank you !) And then amazement... Once again... The horror of the GAS fees ! So I'm going to place an order with a GAS fee that seems reasonable to me and will then come and keep you informed of my bidding decisions.

On my Sorare personal account, I didn't bid on players, I do everything in free mode, and I already had some results and received a card for my team's performance. It seems to me that I really messed up the registration with my personal account, because I discover a system of quests, new cards offered when you perform steps and the step that blocks me now is the one of my first bid. So that means sending pennies on the game! So for the sake of the experience, I'm going to wait until my Sorare @VGMBoyz account is credited and I can FINALLY place a bid and move on to the reward quests.

And while the rain invites itself on my window panes at 9:00 am, I'm moving away from the grassy areas of soccer stadiums to tell you about another kind of field. You probably saw the news this morning: A field on the Axie Infinity game sold for $1,500,000!

This is the kind of ad that makes a huge publicity for the game in question.

Anything look familiar? A feeling of déjà vu? 1.5? It makes me think directly of the symbolic figure of the "1.5" billion dollars invested by Elon Musk in Bitcoin and which has projected its course to new heights.

Musk tweet about the Dogecoin? The course is taking off. Musk tweet about Bitcoin ? Ditto!
He's getting his suspenders up, announces that he won't be tweeting for a while, so don't worry about it! All he has to do is invest massively to produce an even greater effect on prices.

This sale of one and a half million dollars for a field on Axie Infinity has undoubtedly also revived the Hype around the Axie Infinity game.

Hoping you enjoy our content. 

On behalf of the VGM team, we wish you all the best in your endeavors.

And Happy New Moon Year coming soon, Chinese new year of OX, Fortune, Facts, Opportunities, Love and much more to come ! Wishing to everyone to catch many new opportunities ahead ! 

Thanks for your support ! 

Enjoy your life 


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