StarkNet Will Distribute Millions Of Tokens To Its Users.

Starknet, the Blockchain network developed by the pioneer in Zero Starkware Knowledge Tests, is about to start the distribution of its native token, the Starknet Token (STRK), almost 1.3 million eligible wallets. This is the widest distribution of its kind to date, as announced by the Starknet Foundation. The Token Strk will have an important role in several aspects of the Starknet Network, such as the payment of network commissions, staking and participation in rulers. In addition, Strk holders can benefit from the advantages of zero knowledge test technology, which allows fast, scalable and private transactions to the blockchain.

The Starknet Foundation has designed a meticulous distribution framework that covers a diverse range of recipients, which total more than 700 million tokens Strk. These tokens will be distributed among nine different categories, ranging from Ethereum Stakers and developers to Starknet users and taxpayers, through open source project developers not related to the crypto. The objective is to establish a precedent of inclusion, according to Diego Oliva, CEO of the Starknet Foundation. "This technology is new and potentially shocking for applications in various sectors, and many leaders in related technological spaces deserve to have a participation in what is to come", said Oliva.

The Strk distribution will begin on February 20 and last four months, until June 20. During this period, eligible users will be able to claim their tokens through the provision portal ( This portal also allows to verify eligibility previously, as well as obtain more information about the criteria and amounts of assigned tokens. The Starknet Foundation has announced that it will cover all commissions to claim tokens through the official portal, so it is recommended to users to ensure the correct URL and take care of the scams.

Starknet is one of the most innovative and promising blockchain networks of the moment, since it offers a second -layer scaling solution based on zero knowledge tests, which allow to verify the validity of transactions without revealing the data involved. This implies greater efficiency, security and privacy for users, as well as a reduction in congestion and the cost of the Ethereum network. Also say that it has the support of important crypto projects, such as DYDX, Immutablex, Rhinofi and Sorare, which use Starkware technology to enhance their decentralized applications. With the distribution of Strk, Starknet hopes to attract more developers and users to their ecosystem, and consolidate as a leading platform in the blockchain space.


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