Quantfury: The Honest Trading Revolution.

Quantfury is a trading platform that stands out for its honesty and transparency. This platform offers its users the possibility of trading and investing without commissions or loan charges, at real-time spot prices from the NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, Bats, Binance and Coinbase stock exchanges. Furthermore, it is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to register and verify their account in less than 2 minutes.

With Quantfury, you can trade in 5 different markets: cryptocurrencies, currencies, shares, ETFs and commodities, all with 100% cryptocurrency deposits for free, that is, without paying any commission or fee for your transactions. In addition, it guarantees that you will always trade at the real market price of the main global exchanges, such as NYSE, Nasdaq, CME, Bats, Binance and Coinbase. Thus, you will avoid the abusive practices of other platforms and brokers that inflate the spread (the difference between the purchase and sale price) to obtain benefits at your expense.

By registering in Quantfury with the Invitation Code: JRRU2593 (😀 My Invitation Code 😀), the platform will give us both a free share or cryptocurrency with a value that can vary between $10 and $250 dollars (it is assigned randomly). To receive the gift, you must deposit at least $50 in cryptocurrency (minimum required of trading account) and keep it locked for 30 days. Afterwards, the received share or cryptocurrency can be sold or exchanged and/or withdrawn to the wallet of your choice. With a good marketing management you have the possibility of obtaining passive profits without operating in the market.

But that is not all. Quantfury also offers you the possibility to leverage up to 20 times the value of your initial deposit, which means that you will be able to multiply your investment power and your potential profits. For example, if you deposit $50 dollars (Minimum investment in Quantfury), you will be able to trade up to $1000 dollars in the market. And the most important and beneficial thing for the trader is the fact that you will not have to pay any interest on the borrowed money, nor will you have to pay it back.

Trading power is the maximum amount of money that you can allocate to your positions and limit orders. You can use it to trade and invest with no commissions or borrowing fees at real-time spot prices from global exchanges. Once you have selected a trading power, it will not be affected by any profit or loss in your Quantfury trading account. You are free to choose how to allocate your trading power and how much to use. You can use all of it or you can use a part. Trading power remains constant and free of borrowing fees, regardless of fluctuations in your account balance. For example, if you funded $500 worth of crypto and selected $10,000 of trading power, your $10,000 trading power will remain the same, even if your account balance drops to $450 worth of crypto.

Deposit / Trading Power Ratio (20:1)

* Minimum required trading account funding: $50.
* Once you have selected a trading power, it will not be affected by the profit or loss of your trading account.
✔ $50 - $1,000
✔ $100 - $2,000
✔ $300 - $6,000
✔ $500 - $10,000
✔ $1,000 - $20,000
✔ $2,000 - $40,000
✔ $5,000 - $100,000
✔ $10,000 - $200,000
✔ $15,000 - $300,000
✔ $20,000 - $400,000
✔ $25,000 - $500,000
✔ $50,000 - $1,000,000

Another unique feature of Quantfury is its transparency. Users' trading data is digitized and published anonymously using a smart contract and IPFS, allowing the authenticity of your trading conditions and volumes to be verified by anyone. The platform is also known as the only "light pool" available for direct access by retail traders. In addition, the platform has a professional and experienced team in the financial and technological sector, which constantly works to improve the user experience and offer them the best tools and opportunities to achieve their financial goals.

Some of the negative aspects and/or disadvantages according to users:

❌ You do not have a demo account to practice before trading with real money.
❌ Not available in all countries (Example: USA).
❌ Does not accept Paypal as a payment method.
❌ It does not have advanced trading platforms like MT4 or MT5, only its own mobile and web application.
❌ Does not offer customer service by phone, only by email and chat.
❌ It does not allow scalping, that is, operations of very short duration, since its system can detect and penalize users who try it (personally, I consider this to be its biggest disadvantage, at some point I will write about this problem ).

However, Quantfury is another of the innovative trading platforms that offers its users unbeatable conditions to trade and invest in multiple markets, allowing them to obtain economic exposure to the fluctuation of the price of underlying financial instruments without commissions or lending fees, which can represent savings and a competitive advantage for any trader or investor. With its focus on honesty and transparency, Quantfury has established itself as an attractive option for those looking for a hassle-free and fair trading experience. You will be surprised how easy and profitable it can be to invest in the financial markets on this simple platform.

Note: I have been operating on Quantfury for several years and I am very satisfied with the platform (although I did not use it for a little over a year for purely personal reasons), the problems I have had (I think one or two) have been solved by support with promptness and professionalism. I highly recommend it to other traders, although I suggest you do your own research first.


Earn active and passive earnings (using referral programs). However, I recommend that you do your own research.

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"You will ask yourself: And if I take a risk and lose...? I will ask you: AND IF YOU RISK AND WIN? Success begins with thought, because sooner or later the man who wins is the one who believes he can do it. Do not be afraid of mistakes or failure, winners are not afraid of losing, losers are, in most cases the risk comes from not knowing what you are doing, so trust yourself, learn, be patient, manage your emotions and above all, enjoy the journey, what the wise man does at the beginning, the fool does at the end" - Anonymous.

Author's Note: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice, is provided for informational purposes only, and reflects the opinion of the author only. I do not promote, endorse or recommend any particular investment. Investments may not be right for everyone. Every investment in the market and every trade you make involves risk, so you should always do your own research before making any decision. I do not recommend investing money that you cannot afford to chair, as you could lose the entire amount invested.

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