Newsflare: The Platform That Pays You For Your Viral Videos.

Yesterday, while I was writing the article "Pawns: Another Way To Generate Passive Income (Fiat Money And/Or Cryptocurrencies)", I remembered that at some point, some time ago, I registered on a platform, which to be honest I have never decided to use, but that I consider that you may find it very interesting and economically beneficial. It is, as the title says, "Newsflare: The Platform That Pays You for Your Viral Videos."

Newsflare is an audiovisual content platform that connects creators with buyers. It is an online news video community and marketplace, where sellers can upload content and get paid, and buyers can choose what they need. Newsflare has the largest collection of rights-free and fully licensable user-generated audiovisuals in the world.

Rights-free videos are those that have no restrictions on use or distribution, as long as the authorship and license of the content is respected. This means that buyers can use them for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without having to pay royalties or request additional permissions. Fully licensable videos are those that have been verified and approved by Newsflare, ensuring that they meet quality, legality and ethics standards. This means buyers can be sure they are not infringing anyone's copyright, privacy, security or morals. User-generated videos are those that have been created and uploaded by ordinary people, without the intervention of professionals or companies. They reflect the diversity, creativity and authenticity of their authors, and can capture unique, original or shocking situations.

Newsflare combines these three concepts to offer a unique platform, where sellers can monetize user-generated audiovisuals, and buyers can access a wide variety of them. Also to say that it has a wide variety of categories to explore such as Animal Antics, Celebrity, Climate, Cool, Fails and Funnies, General News, Heartwarming, Heroic, Sports, Tech, UK News, US News, Viral Hits, Weather and Wild World . Each category has hundreds of videos that will surprise you, make you laugh, excite you or inform you.

They also have staff-curated collections, showcasing the best of their thousands of videos, captured by their top videographers. Some of these collections are Stray Animal Tales, In China, Animal Itches, Wildlife Encounters, Public Freakouts, Caught on Ring Cam, Beyond Extreme, Bark and You'll Miss It, Animals Fighting Back, Surprise Bathroom Guests, Sweaty Palms, TikTok Ready and POV: You're a GoPro.

But Newsflare is not just a site for watching videos, but also for creating and selling them. If you have a camera or a smartphone, you can capture moments that matter and share them with the world. The Platform specializes in covering news that is too recent, remote or local for traditional news organizations. To do this, they have a global network of buyers who are looking for original and quality video content. These buyers can be media, production companies, advertising agencies, brands or even individuals. Newsflare is responsible for negotiating prices, managing rights, and distributing revenue among sellers.

Newsflare is an innovative, fun and profitable platform for video lovers who also offer tips and resources to help them improve their videography skills and increase their chances of selling their videos. On their blog, you can find guides, tutorials, interviews, success stories and more.

To become part of this community, you just have to register for free on their website and start uploading, licensing or purchasing videos for any purpose. As one of their promotions says: "Newsflare is the place where videos come to life and creators make money."


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