More Than 30 Indicators In 1 For TradingView, The Power Of Technical Analysis.

In the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading, every decision counts, a simple price movement can be the difference between success and loss. Each trader has their own tools and strategies to "face" the market: technical analysis, fundamental analysis or by the phases of the moon (and it is not a joke), etc. Personally, I use technical analysis, which is a type of stock analysis that studies the movements of cryptocurrencies through charts and indicators based on the prices of cryptoassets.

In simpler terms, the price of a crypto asset moves in different directions, sometimes it goes up, other times it goes down, and other times it moves very little. What technical analysis does is analyze these upward, downward or lateral movements, to try to predict what the future movement will be, the direction of the price. To do this, it is based on three fundamental principles:

πŸ“Œ The price discounts everything, according to technical analysts, all information is included in the price (political, social factors, wars, FUD, FOMO, etc).

πŸ“Œ Markets move in trends.

πŸ“Œ History repeats itself, this basic premise establishes that the market moves in a similar way when faced with a similar stimulus or situation.

Unfortunately, for those who use TradingView for free, they have seen with regret how currently this tool only allows you to put only two (2) indicators, which is insufficient to do a correct technical analysis in any strategy. But everything has a solution and this time it comes from, author of the script "DIY Custom Strategy Builder [ZP]-v1", which groups more than 30 indicators into one. An important detail is that since it is open source, the user can modify it to adapt it to their own strategy.

Taking the script author's own words: "...there are more than 30 indicators available, you can select any combination you prefer and the indicator will generate buy and sell signals accordingly. It is an alternative to the time-consuming process of manually confirming signals! of multiple indicators! This indicator streamlines the process by automatically printing buy and sell signals based on your chosen indicator combination. You will no longer have to stare at the screen for hours, simply set alerts and let the indicator do the work for you... ". The available indicators are coded to seamlessly print BUY and SELL signals according to the strategy built by the trader.


βœ” EMA filter

βœ” 2 Cross EMA

βœ” 3 Cross EMA

βœ” Rank Filter (Guikroth)

βœ” Supertrend

βœ” Ichimoku Cloud

βœ” SuperIchi (LuxAlgo)

βœ” B-Xtrender (quantitative therapy)

βœ” Bullish Bear Power Trend (Dreadblitz)

βœ” VWAP

βœ” BB Oscillator (Veryfid)

βœ” Trend meter (Lij_MC)

βœ” Lamp output (Everget)

βœ” ICC

βœ” Awesome oscillator

βœ” DMI (Adx)

βœ” Parabolic SAR

βœ” Waddah Attar explosion (Shayankm)

βœ” Volatility oscillator (Veryfid)

βœ” Damiani Volatility (DV) (RicardoSantos)

βœ” stochastic

βœ” RSI

βœ” MACD

βœ” SSL channel (ErwinBeckers)

βœ” Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) (LazyBear)

βœ” Chaikin Money Flow

βœ” Volume

βœ” Wolf Pack Identification (Darrellfischer1)

βœ” QQE Mod (Mihkhel00)

βœ” Helmet suite (Insilico)

βœ” Vortex indicator



Here you have the possibility to activate and plot up to 14 of the indicators included in your chart. Simply select from the following options:

βœ” EMA

βœ” Support/Resistance (He who must not be named)

βœ” Supply/demand zone (SMC) (Pmgjiv)

βœ” Parabolic SAR

βœ” Ichimoku Cloud

βœ” Superichi (LuxAlgo)

βœ” Supertrend

βœ” Rank Filter (Guikroth)

βœ” Average True Range (ATR)

βœ” VWAP

βœ” Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) (LazyBear)

βœ” PVSRA (TradersReality)

βœ” Liquidity Zone/Vector Candle Zone (TradersReality)

βœ” Market sessions (Aurocks_AIF)


Although I already mentioned it before, it is advisable to see the author's own explanation related to "DIY Custom Strategy Builder [ZP]-v1".

Indicators are essential instruments for anyone who wants to "navigate" with greater confidence and precision through the turbulent waters of the cryptocurrency market. They are not just tools, they are your eyes and ears in the frenetic world of trading. They allow you to see beyond the noise and emotions, to form profitable strategies based on real data and trends. So, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a trading novice, technical analysis is and will always be your ally in your quest for profitability in the exciting crypto ecosystem.

*NOTES: The images used are from the author of the scripts.


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