DRiP: Platform That Gives Away NFTs And Is Changing The World Of Digital Art.

NFTs are digital assets stored on the blockchain that certify the ownership and authenticity of a digital work of art. In recent years, NFTs have gained great popularity, reaching million-dollar prices in auctions and online sales. However, DRiP proposes a different model: instead of selling the NFTs, it gives them away.

The platform selects prominent artists who will be responsible for creating NFT collections for its users. These NFTs are distributed randomly among users who have registered on the platform and who have a digital wallet compatible with Solana, one of the fastest, most efficient, scalable and economical blockchain networks on the market.

In this way, DRiP democratizes access to digital art and creates a community of collectors and fans who can enjoy works of great quality and value. In addition, it generates benefits for artists, since it gives them visibility, recognition and a part of the commissions that are generated when users exchange or sell their NFTs in the secondary market (My next article will discuss one of these markets).

DRiP was founded by an anonymous influencer who goes by the name Floor, and who has more than 10 million followers on social media. This entrepreneur is passionate about digital art and blockchain technology, and has decided to create DRiP as a way to share his passion with the world. Floor is also in charge of choosing the artists who participate in DRiP, and does so following criteria of quality, originality and diversity.

Users who want to receive DRiP NFTs only have to register on the platform, connect their digital wallet and participate in the distribution. Each user can receive a maximum of one NFT per day, and does not have to pay anything for it. However, DRiP NFTs are highly coveted and scarce, so not all users can get their hands on one. According to Floor, this is part of the game and the excitement of collecting digital art. My invitation code is: CYhxKNCW, unfortunately only one user can use it and that can be you. You can see the NFTs that have been given to me (and I am already trading 😎) at: https://drip.haus/profile/CryptoEntrepreneurs.

I consider DRiP to be a pioneering platform that is changing the rules of the game in the world of NFTs and digital art. Because it uses the Solana network, it offers a seamless user experience, without delays or high fees, making it easier for NFTs to be accessed and adopted by a wider audience. By offering an innovative, free and automatic distribution model, it benefits both creators and fans. It also has the potential to attract millions of users, both inside and outside the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and to generate a positive impact on the development and adoption of this technology.

With its proposal of offering high-quality free NFTs, DRiP is positioned as a leading and disruptive platform in the market, creating a new way to appreciate, share and enjoy digital art, making it available to everyone.


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