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Will Bitcoin or Ethereum Be the First to Recover from Crypto Winter?

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 6 Jul 2022

Will bitcoin or ether recover firstI have to wonder if it matters. Of the 20,000 cryptocurrencies riding the tidal wave, bitcoin and ether have the best chances at surviving. Historically, bitcoin has been the leader coming out of bear markets. If Ethereum’s Merge goes well, it could be different this time. We’re diving deep; make sure there’s oxygen in your tank.

Panic has set in. Crypto winter is getting colder. The sky is falling. Doom and gloom are in the air. Is there reason to celebrate? I’m an optimist, but a realist. Put your heavy coats on.

Should you worry that XRP’s price continues to decline? How long will it take for Jed McCaleb’s XRP account to dry up?

Nexo has offered to buy VauldThis says two things. First, Nexo must be in a good financial position to make a purchase in a down market. Secondly, the crypto lending market is struggling overall and I’m sure we’ll see further consolidations.

Washington D.C. has a crypto queen, and she owns $100,000 in bitcoin.

Solana-based Crema Finance lost $8.78 million in exploit.

If you live in New York, you can rent co-working space with an NFTDo crypto bros really need their own co-working space? What’s so special about being in an office with other crypto enthusiasts? On another note, the rise of remote work naturally should give rise to co-working spaces, but is there really a big need for one that is paid for with NFTs? Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon.

coworking web3

Publish0x is reintegrating ETH for tipping. This is a huge deal. Publish0x moved away from ETH initially because of its high gas fees, but gas fees are now at their lowest since 2020. That means users can use their Publish0x accounts to shore up ether and move it off platform to their personal non-custodial wallets. It’s quite possible that Ethereum’s gas fees will remain low after the coming Merge, in which case users will be able to earn ETH long-term on Publish0x. ETH is replacing STA, which I haven’t found any use for.

How artificial intelligence is a trojan horseThe founder of cryptosocial media upstart Bastyon discusses artificial intelligence and how it is not sentient and not good for your data. This is a MUST-WATCH video interview.

Are the crypto haters winning?

Business utility tokens will drive the next wave of crypto adoption. What makes tokenized communities valuable? From Forefront.

Jon Hillis says Web3 will struggle until it solves its communication problem. A 50-person band wrote a Web3 musical hitI couldn’t agree with @JonathanHillis more. One of my biggest frustrations with Steemit was that all of the communities had their own Discord channels. Virtually none of the socializing took place on platform. While there are some cryptosocial platforms where there are better networking and messaging tools, they all have their weaknesses. But Web3 is bigger than cryptosocial. At the end of the day, as long as Web3 creators are using Web2 tools, the utopian vision of a decentralized Web is just a fantasy.

Decentralized creativity and collaboration (a podcast with Rob McElhenney).

Bitcoin mining is gaining in popularity in North Macedonia.

Snark and commentary go together like nipple rings and tattoos. That’s why I put them italics.

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