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12 Reasons Publish0x Has Become My Favorite Cryptosocial Platform

By Allen Taylor | Cryptocracy | 9 Apr 2021

Publish0x (pronounced Publish) calls itself a “crypto-powered blogging platform,” which is about as honest as it gets. And I would argue that it’s one of the few blockchain-based social media platforms that actually lives up to its promise, as small a promise as it is.

Unlike other social media websites that launched around the same time, Publish0x didn’t force users to buy its native token to participate on the platform. They didn’t have an ICO (initial coin offering) and make pretentious promises about how users can “invest” in the Publish0x crypto economy and watch some cleverly named cryptocurrency soar to the moon ushering in an age of health, wealth, and eternal happiness.

Another thing that is different on Publish0x is that it has no native cryptocurrency. That is, no currency of its own. Writers and readers earn ERC-20 tokens, which currently include ETH, AMPL, and iFARM. At various times, Publish0x has also distributed BNTY, HYDRO, DAI, BAT, and LRC to members.

In addition to earning cryptocurrency for writing and reading, Publish0x has an Ambassador Program that pays cryptocurrency to platform users for promoting the platform. In fact, if you click on a link to Publish0x in this article, I’ll earn 5 percent of every tip left by you as long as you are active on Publish0x, at no expense to you.

In December 2020, Publish0x reported that users had tipped each other 10 million times since launch and the site had grown 600 percent year or year. Publish0x has also seen an increase in traffic and the number of the cryptocurrency brands that use the site for publishing brand updates and other branded content. The platform has grown so much that the founders have warned users that fake accounts are being used to scam users and steal crypto earned on the platform.

Publish0x also hosts writing contests for crypto projects. In 2019, they hosted four contests. They were so popular that the platform hosted more in 2020. Winners of the contests win cryptocurrencies from the sponsoring projects.

Publish0x is one cryptosocial platform that seems interested in improving itself. Some expected changes on the horizon are the potential inclusion of tokens not on the Ethereum blockchain for tippers, meme contests, and other events. 

My Publish0x Journey - The Short Story

I joined Publish0x in July 2019. I made my first post in December the same year and followed with a couple more. Those posts have earned a modest amount with the highest being $5.70 on 449 views. That’s far more earnings-per-view than any article I’ve ever published Medium, or any other revenue-sharing site I’ve participated on over the last two decades.

I find it also beneficial that those posts are still earning. My post metrics show that I’ve earned crypto on this post as recent as today.

I don’t remember why now, but after my third post, I stopped posting on Publish0x for almost a year. Meanwhile, because Publish0x changes the crypto it offers posters from time to time, I lost any BAT, HYDRO and other crypto that I had not cashed out (and I hadn’t cashed anything out). But in November 2020, I started posting to Publish0x again. I’ve been posting about once a week since.

In March 2021, after Publish0x announced that posters could cash out ETH and AMPL to KuCoin, I requested my first payment. At that time, I had earned the equivalent of $45 in crypto, though I didn’t cash it all out because I couldn’t request payment for FARM through KuCoin. That still required a wallet that supports Ethereum. While I have a MetaMask wallet, I’m not familiar with it enough yet to feel comfortable making that request. If Exodus supported FARM, I’d have made a payout request for that as that is where my largest earnings are to date.

Shortly after my payout request, Publish0x announced it was exchanging FARM for iFARM and converted all my existing FARM to iFARM tokens. They’re sitting there until I figure out how to cash them out.

The Nitty-Gritty: Why Publish0x Is Currently My Favorite Cryptosocial Platform

I like Publish0x for a number of reasons, and it’s shaping up to be my favorite cryptosocial platform. Here’s a rundown on the reasons why:

  • It’s attractive and easy to use.
  • Onboarding was simple and super-easy.
  • Posting, friending, and tipping (essentially, everything to do) on Publish0x is simple and easy.
  • Posts earn crypto in perpetuity, unlike some platforms where there is a limit on how often posts continue earning.
  • I can earn ETH, a huge bonus being that ETH is No. 2 in market cap and the leading altcoin.
  • Posts earn one of three different cryptocurrencies at random, which is a big plus because it allows crypto earners some diversity in earnings; if one of the tokens loses value quickly, the other two tokens could balance that out.
  • Their Ambassador Program allows Publish0x users to invite their friends and earn more crypto for promoting the platform.
  • Having acquired only 313 followers in a few short months, I’ve managed to earn more than $70 in cryptocurrencies. That means, at 3,000 followers I have the potential earn much more, potentially in the range of $100 to $200 a month. With 30,000 followers, the potential is in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 a month. There is some real earning potential at Publish0x.
  • Publish0x provides statistics on each post as well as overall metrics on post performance allowing me to gauge which content is performing best.
  • I’m also seeing a lot of engagement on my posts. Other users comment, ask questions, and enter discussions. With each new post, I also see new followers. Everything is on the platform and there is no need to set up a Discord server to experience community.
  • While I have, to date, only set up one blog, Publish0x allows users to set up multiple blogs. I like that. If you write about multiple unrelated topics, as I tend to do, you can set up a different blog for each topic and expand your audience reach. In fact, I am thinking about doing just that.
  • Tipping other users is fun and very simple to do. Whenever I tip other users, I also earn a small percentage of crypto myself just for doing so.

The Publish0x economy is very simple and not based on a native cryptocurrency. I think this is a plus. For one thing, it’s much less pretentious. Publish0x serves a useful purpose because it isn’t focused inwardly but outwardly. If there is a downside, it’s that most of the content is still crypto-focused.

 Keep in mind that my earnings have mostly come from posting twice a week for five months. I do tip other posters, but not often. I show up on the platform twice a week to repurpose posts I publish at Voice first. So the earnings I’ve made have been made with republished content with no promotion (I haven’t shared the posts on any social media sites, which means most of my views are coming from on-platform viewers).

In my view, Publish0x is doing a lot of things right and very few things wrong. There are a few downsides, but those are minimal compared to the upsides. I’d love for you to join me on Publish0x.



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