🚫🤖It's the beginning of the end for bots and spam. Introducing LunarCrush Sparks✨

By CryptoNauts | CryptoCorner | 14 Aug 2022


Lunr is a utility token built for LunarCrush. LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform which distills the world’s social media data down to create actionable insights for cryptocurrency investors.

By holding and staking Lunr in the Lunr Wallet, community members gain access to the LunarCrush suite of products which include real-time market and social data, alerts, insights, and analytics across over 3,500 cryptocurrencies.


👍Provide feedback

🚀Improve data

🐖Get rewarded

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With LunarCrush Sparks you can provide feedback across a curated feed that trains against spam and bots. Simply read through posts and if you find them valuable, hit 👍. If you think a post has no value, hit 👎 to classify it as not valuable, spam, or unrelated.



Classifying posts at scale across the LunarCrush community takes machine learning and training to an entirely new level. As the community provides feedback, feeds will continually become cleaner, more accurate, and even personalized...the cleanest crypto data available!


By providing feedback on LunarCrush Sparks, you can earn Lunr rewards. Community members who maintain a strong LunarCrush Profile Strength will earn points for providing feedback, which convert to Lunr tokens each day.



Try LunarCrush NOW!

Use my reflink: and enjoy!


For any issues, questions,
I am at your disposal in my italian community's group: 

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