Why should Upland open in my city?

Why should Upland open in my city?

By Johnes | Cryptocoinworld | 1 Jul 2021

Why should Upland open in my city?

Every person who likes Upland wants it be in our city. It becomes very important when you can showcase your city’s iconic landmarks, its cultural heritage and events, and places of historical and tourist interests that are personally special to you and for those who are interested in travel and heritage, it may be parks, restaurants, streets, and other interesting places . There are more than 20,000 monthly active users and i invite everyone of you to visit my city. My city is not in the list of cities were the Upland already runs nor in the list of the near future but still i want everyone to look at this. As upland is a property trading game i want it to be in my city so that i can develop and trade my city properties as of now most of the places of importance are undervalued. I want it to be in my city that i can find properties that have a special meaning, value or emotional attachment or any other importance or value and i can flip these virtual properties for a value which we cannot buy or sell as of now. There is another great opportunity for me to build a new community in and around my city and make new friends and invite or others to join us. There is a new opportunity for networking with like-minded people. This open up a new era to rebuild the world and my city in it virtually eventually make a living out of it.


My city is Gods Own City were you can find may historical places and monuments parks and many more interesting things surrounded by mountains and seas across the borders,As it is considered as one of the beautiful places you see in my country. As Upland is an extension of the international economy it helps to boost my city and country to the next level as there are so many places and properties left out and undervalued by bringing Upland to my city i have a great chance to build a new economy to my city and bring a drastic change in the life's of people here. This can be the next international property exchange were you can sell and buy any property of your choice. This can bring new boost to millions in my city and throughout the globe. I can own a place in Upland but never in real physical address and i believe that every upland player can buy properties based on real-world addresses, and own both virtual and physical address this is a dream of every player here. When Upland is here we have a City Metaverse of every property in the city. There lot of people who are been in the game and everyone buy real address on virtual lands. This is a digital ownership revolution and can bring fortune for every users. It is a upmarket game which can turn you to be a millionaire.

Upland is Invited to Trivandrum.

Amongst the big cities in Kerala, Trivandrum is the adjudged the best city to live in. The infrastructure here is great as compared to other cities and basic facilities are excellent. The crowd here is pretty good and we have 100% internet access rate and 60% of our population is below 40 years of age and there is every thing Upland needs to build up a community here.

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