Top 5 most reliable cryptocurrencies PoS to place on staking.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 20 May 2020

Everyone will have their preferences when selecting a cryptocurrency or wallet, but it is a fact that PoS have many technical and above all, economic benefits for their holders. These cryptocurrencies offer two options: run a masternode or go to the staking of these coins in a wallet that allows it.

To simplify the explanation, it all comes down to the fact that you can earn money with cryptocurrencies simply by having them in your wallet (provided they are PoS) This modality helps to strengthen the security of the blockchain while promoting opportunities for users to save cryptocurrencies and engage in staking instead of making transactions with them.

Technology and the development of economic ecosystems around cryptocurrencies has led to the development of staking, a process that allows us to obtain profits and vote on a cryptocurrency project by doing something very simple, save them.

In case you are investing in any PoS cryptocurrency, you should investigate how you can generate profits by staking in the right wallet to store PoS effectively. On the other hand, if you want to invest but still don't know what, you should keep PoS crypts in mind as they can be an excellent source of long-term profit.

Here I bring you the best 5 most reliable PoS cryptocurrencies to place on staking.

• NEO 


Although it seems redundant, NEO is a cryptocurrency that belongs to the NEO blockchain, which operates in a similar way to Ethereum with the token system.

In this sense, NEO has a token called GAS (previously known as ANC or Antcoins).

These tokens can be staked on a NEO wallet.

Its return is quite provocative and, unlike other PoS, you don't need to have your wallet for staking open permanently.

The return obtained by staking is in the form of the GAS token.

Another peculiarity that this crypto has is that they have a calculator to measure the profits to be obtained in a year.

• Stellar 


This platform was designed in 2014 in order to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Making them much faster and more efficient.

Like Ethereum, Stellar enables the development of smart apps (dApps) and other tokens.

To start staking with this cryptocurrency you must have at least 10 XLM.

And you can get between 2% to 4% of annual returnability.



It is currently positioned at number 11 for its market capitalization.

TRON was designed with the goal of improving network scalability and reliability.

So you can process transactions at high speed through high-performance computing.

TRX is among one of the most profitable staking options.

Binance offers you a returnability between 7% and 9% per year.

And you only need to have a minimum of 5 TRX to start.


• Diamond


Diamond was one of the cryptocurrencies to implement a combination between PoW and PoS in 2013 and established itself as one of the best options to earn money through staking.

After mining with Proof of Work, Diamond established himself with Proof of Stake and a second modality, the masternodes.

This means that you can earn money just by having coins in the Wallet in two different ways.

For staking, the mechanism is like that of the other currencies that make up this list.

You just have to buy DMD, download the wallet, download it, deposit the coins there and leave it open with an internet connection.

The PoS system will work its magic with towering rewards of up to 20% annual return, although it will constantly decrease as time passes.

On the other hand, running a masternode is a much more complicated process. You need to have at least 10,000 DMDs to work and find out how to configure the masternode.

Diamond is so versatile that it adds two more options: cloud mining, which works by investing coins into Diamond's cloud and then expecting rewards; and Diamond's Multipool, which allows you to mine other cryptocurrencies through its platform and convert them to DMD immediately.



Algorand is a platform that uses PoS to improve network decentralization, security and scalability.

Your ALGO token can be acquired on various exchange platforms such as Binance, which allows you to stake with it.

On the Binance platform we can see that it offers a returnability between 16% and 20% per year.

And to start staking with it you must have a minimum of 2 ALGO.

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