Tips and free picks for earning cryptocurrencies with sports betting.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 19 May 2020

To win cryptocurrencies in sports betting you only need to have cryptocurrencies in one of your wallets, a sport that you like and understand, be registered in a sports betting platform of your choice and follow these steps to be a happy winner.

• Know and understand the sport you are going to bet, in order to know the advantages and disadvantages of your bets.

• Not giving advantage no matter how weak the opponent is, it is difficult to win by one point, win by two points or more is risky.

• Always try to take advantage and start winning, there are many bets that take points before the game and so we always start winning.

• The best thing you can do is not to force your bet, it is only about making direct plays, that is, betting a single game at most two achievements.

• Never reinvest all the money earned with the capital, try to free the capital and play with the profit.

• Do not play the money saved, much less lend money to play, try to play the money that is left over.

• Sports betting causes addiction and more when you win it is about playing only 2 or 3 times a day, when an event is too clear and we are more than 80% sure that we will win.

• The local teams always have a better chance of winning because of the support they receive from their fans in the event, if we combine a good team that plays at home against a bad team that plays on the road we already have 75% of winning and if we take advantage before the After that probability increases.

• Do not make 3-chance bets, that is, events where there are achievements to win or lose and tie something like this 1x2 because if your bet is to win and there is a tie, you lose even if the other team does not win, so it is advisable to make bets on this team Win or Draw.

• Look at the statistics before betting and see the absences of each team to see which has the most advantage. 

I hope these tips help you to win many cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the opportunity they offer you to play from home.

For this week in the German Bundesliga we have 2 bets for you to win cryptocurrencies easy fast and safe.

▪Bayer Munich vs. Eintrach Frankfurt 


Bayer Munich to win Odds 1.3

▪Wolfburgo vs. Borussia Dormunt


Over to game 2.5 Odds 1.83

Good luck, thank for read...

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