How to earn $5,000 in Bitcoin since the coronavirus pandemic.

By Papiloskibtc | Cryptocoins2020 | 18 May 2020

Since the coronavirus pandemic was revealed and an alarm state was decreed in many countries, many people lost our jobs and were concerned because we did not know what would happen to us, where we will get money to support ourselves if we have little savings for a couple of months nothing else? Suddenly, the stock and asset markets through the crisis dawn one day all in the red, with big losses, for example bitcoin that was close to reaching $10,000.

Wow is my moment..

An idea occurred to me that could solve my problems, I bought a bitcoin at $ 4,700 because I imagined this cannot stay like this, every action has its reaction and knowing that there is the famous bitcoin bounce, estimate that you would earn at least $2,000 when bitcoin will rise to its normal price or the crisis will pass.

Then the best thing happened two months later, yesterday he sold half a bitcoin 0.5BTC and received $4,700 investment and I still have 0.5BTC in savings with high hopes that it will rise again since everything would be profit.



I already solved my economic problems, in addition to that I have new work and a saving in BTC 0.5 the same $4,700 with which I started the coronavirus.

This quarantine has not been so bad, I was able to rest and learn many more about bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, I really like it and soon with good capital I hope to continue investing in bitcoin and other rising cryptocurrencies and to be able to have my own business.

Thanks for reading my history.

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