LEO Market Cap Surpasses $3 Million

LEO Market Cap Surpasses $3 Million

By jmsansan | Cryptococcus | 3 Feb 2021

Please, note that at the time of reading this article, figures and facts could've changed.

With the latest bumps in ETH prices and wLEO token, the market capitalization of the LeoFinance community just hit the $3,000,000 mark. The current price for LEO is above $0.50 and the trade volume in the last 24H was above $7,500.



As we can see, LEO is the most traded and active token on Hive right now. DEC and SIM tokens, two of the most active projects on Hive, follow below LEO in the 2nd and 4th places.

However, these stats can vary over time but they tell us how LeoFinance is doing compared with other projects on Hive. With a small base of users, looking at the activity stats the community has demonstrated that is strong, active, and healthy. Also, we can measure the confidence and support levels they have about the future. Indeed, this is a great achievement and very good news for the LeoFinance community.

The future plans for LeoFinance consist of different projects. All we know is that in the coming weeks a microblogging platform will be released. Like Twitter, LeoFiance's users will have the opportunity to express themselves in a few words, this could bring more engagement and debates that couldn't happen on the main blogging platform.

Another of the most expected projects is LeoFi. This should bring the long-awaited DeFi features we can find in other networks like Ethereum. This tool should increase the value of LEO and wLEO tokens and let the users more options to invest and use them. If you like to create wealth then you will find this tool useful.

LeoFi taser

The most important thing about LeoFi is that it could lead to the appearance of third-party new projects. I'm rubbing my hands about it because I have some ideas and I'm sure a lot of people are in the same situation but first we need to wait until LeoFi is real.

When do you think we will see Leo's market cap achieve the 10 million mark?

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