In today’s article we will introduce you to WeedFarmer.Finance – the newest DeFi platform on the Ethereum blockchain. What is it about and what are the tokencomics of the project? We have all the answers for you!

What is WeedFarmer.Finance?

WeedFarmer is one of the newest DeFi platforms on the Ethereum Blockchain. They just launched their Token Sale (ICO) of $SEEDS a couple of hours ago. In future it will offer 6 additional staking pools:

  • YFI
  • YFL
  • YFV
  • WETH
  • BAL

In order to be able to stake $SEEDS into those pools you will need to buy the token and now is the perfect time as it has just started. After having some $SEEDS in your wallet – you will then be able to stake them and grow/generate $WEED tokens.


As mentioned earlier the token sale of $SEEDS has already started. You can participate in it here: https://bounce.finance/join/swap/2374

Let’s take a look at the Tokenomics of $SEED:

  • Max Supply: 25 000 SEED
  • Presale Amount: 20 000 SEED
  • Exchange Rate: 100 SEED = 1 ETH
  • Max Order per wallet: 10 ETH
  • UniSwap Listing Price: 25 SEED = 1 ETH
  • Community Rewards Reserve: 1500 SEED
  • Exchanges, Listings, Partnerships Reserve: 3000 SEED

With the max supply of only 25 000 SEED the price of the token will definately see some upside after the initial tokensale has finished. Furthermore if you buy now and hold SEED tokens in your wallet until the UniSwap listing you can make a 4 x ROI easily. It’s definitely worth checking out.


There is not much information about the project yet, which is understandable since it just started, but their tokenomics, the cheap price of SEED and the catchy name of the platform will certainly create some buzz around it pretty soon. WeedFarmer might just turn out to be the next big DeFi platform on the Ethereum blockchain. We will keep you posted about it’s progress and thank you for checking out our article.

Remember to always do your own research before investing anywhere.

Useful Links:

Official Website: https://weedfarmer.finance/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeedFarmer90
Official Medium: https://medium.com/@weedfarming
Official Telegram: https://t.me/weedfarmertoken

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