B2Xtoken.io – Weekly Review #1 (feat. a V2X announcement)

Another week has passed and it’s time for the first weekly recap of B2Xtoken.io. We will check how the dividends have been doing, have there been any updates and what to expect next from T2X’s developers. All that and much more in today’s article.

What is B2Xtoken.io?

B2Xtoken.io is a highly lucrative Stake & Earn DApp. Developed from the ideas behind previous staking platforms, B2X was designed with one thing in mind, the STAKERS. By owning B2X tokens and Staking them in our Staking Portal users will receive daily interest on their B2X tokens as well as a percentage of the overall amount of BNB that enters the Auction Lobby daily. Fully transparent and secure everything is controlled by smart contracts on the Binance Smartchain blockchain. There is no MAX supply and token price is solely derived from buying and selling markets. It sounds interesting! Well then let’s see how it all works!

For further details check out our previous article: https://www.tronlist.com/b2xtoken-io-stake-earn-dapp-overview/

DIVIDENDS Day 9 – Day 16

The auction pool stayed pretty constant in the past 7 days. It ranged between 24BNB(lowest) and 110BNB (highest). Furthermore the current dividends pool is loaded with more than 14 BNB (more than $8000) which is distributed between all B2X Stakers every 24 hours!

V2X Announcement

The development team just announced the launch of their upcoming DApp called V2X Token Staking! Staking begins on 4/21 at 12:00pm UTC users will be able to begin depositing their V2X Tokens into the Staking smart contract.

If you dont know what V2X is about here is a small summary: V2X Staking is DApp that allows users to deposit V2XT into the smart contract and in return receive a share %. This share % dictates the reward allocation to each user that is shared between all Stakers based upon all deposit and withdraw activity in the smart contract.

In addition your share % will serve as your Voting Power for the upcoming V2X DApp release “Token Wars”.

You can find further info about V2X in our previous articles:



Thats all for this week – B2Xtoken.io is producing nice ROI to all its Stakers, an exciting new Project is coming out in the next hours from the developers of B2X and T2X. Go and check out their amazing projects and thanks for stopping by and reading our article. Remember to always do your own research before investing anywhere. We will be back with more articles so be sure to Follow Us!


Official Website: https://b2xtoken.io/ & https://t2xtoken.io/
Official Telegram: https://t.me/T2Xtoken
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/T2XToken
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/YMpcptT
Official Medium: https://t2xtoken.medium.com/v2x-token-staking-2492d31225d7

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