Most Promising Defi Projects

By Unemployed Ceo | CryptoCentral | 7 Aug 2020

The most promising Decentralized Finance (DEFI) projects


Decentralized Finance in short is Defi . It includes protocols,digital assets , smart contracts and dapps built on blockchain which is decentralized and a non -custodial infrastructure. Defi may democratize the global economy. The main purpose id to build tools that sanctions us to take control about our assets and decisions about them.
Defi is all over the crypto space . Maker used to be the oldest and top Defi projects until it was hacked. Meanwhile several Defi projects have evolved and have captured a huge market share.
Below are the top Defi projects with most annualized revenue in 2020.

SNX at 20M $

MAKER at 5M$


dYdX  nearly 1M$ (interesting)

 Aave at nearly 100,000$

BANCOR at 50,000$

AUGUR at 50,000$

0x at 20,000$

SNX and Kyber Network have strong fundamentals . Defi is still new in crypto space and still in its infancy but very powerful when completely adopted which may take time.


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Unemployed Ceo
Unemployed Ceo

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