Is it better to buy Bitcoin now or anything else?

Is it better to buy Bitcoin now or anything else?

By Unemployed Ceo | CryptoCentral | 16 Jul 2020

We have seen in the past couple of months the economy is taking a hit due to Covid-19. The stock market has been a joke. The virus is being more sensible than the stock market . I write a lot about cryptocurrencies in my blog and some other online platforms and i have seen many people interested in buying bitcoin because it is under 10K . For long term hold and day traders Bitcoin may be good or even a gold mine but not for short term gains unless one is trading with high capital with high risk. Bitcoin seems to be in a bearish mode right now, but some crypto currencies with strong fundamentals are nearly all time high,example LINK and SNX.
If noticed Bitcoin has not managed to break that 10k resistance from the past few months. This is because the selling pressure is as high as buying pressure due to institutional investors.

No matter what i will keep adding bitcoin to my portfolio when it is under 10k for long term benefits and also strong fundamental altcoins .
As an investor i like to be diversified not only into crypto but also other assets. If you see the traditional way Gold is back to All time high to 1800 over the last year . Silver has not seen any appreciation and it correlates to gold. Silver is below 75% of its all time high whereas gold has crossed its all time high. Some investment in silver should give good returns to match out gold/silver price ratio. Please see the chart comparison of gold and silver in the link below 


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Unemployed Ceo
Unemployed Ceo

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