BTC miners seem to have a strong opinion on future prices

By SirK133 | CryptoCat | 30 Apr 2021

Today the cat didn’t drag any chart in  – said there was nothing fresh that would make his whiskers tingle.

So there is a bit older, but still relevant chart showing you how big money that lives of BTC is approaching the market - do miners increase or decrease their BTC holdings. Miners' income comes from the cryptocurrencies they mine, so they put themselves in danger by not selling them, while incurring the cost of running their business. There is only one explanation for them to put selling on hold – they expect a big price increase. 

Miners position increasing

This chart comes from, if you somehow missed a huge watermark in the middle :)

Last time the miners showed this strong conviction towards the future price, BTC was trading for around $16k.

Last time the miners showed any clear interest in increasing their positions was early December 2020 - as visible on the chart.

As long as guys that put millions of $ in the hardware upfront (inflating GPU prices for gamers… hissss…) feel OK holding back their finger on the big red sell button, I feel pretty comfortable not pressing mine. It’s hard to interpret this data as anything other than very bullish.

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This is not a financial advice – I’m no financial adviser, nor is this a legal advice – although I’m a lawyer. This is no advice at all, seriously, don’t take advice from random cats – the Internet is full of them! DYOR!

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