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Experts Predict "Explosive Growth" this Summer

By CryptoBytes_ | CryptoBytes | 9 Mar 2021

Ethereum could see “explosive growth” in the coming months after its developers approved a decision to begin “burning” ether tokens used in transaction fees. This “burning” would see ether tokens completed destroyed, reducing the number of outstanding tokens.

What they’re saying: Limiting ether, combined with recent, industry-led enthusiasm for cryptocurrency is “a recipe for explosive growth.”

"Ethereum's never-ending supply was the least attractive part about it, and now optimism is growing that the world's most-used blockchain will see a major shift in retail and institutional buying," Edward Moya, the chief market analyst at Oanda said.

Be smart: Cryptocurrency is in its infancy stages and remains extremely volatile. In 2018, the price of ether dropped from $1,400 to $100. With market uncertainties in tech and potential strict crypto regulations in the US, all cryptocurrency assets retain high levels of risk.

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